RMA General Meetings

The Radyr & Morganstown Association holds regular “General Meetings” open to all of its members.

These meetings usually have a talk of interest to local residents as well as covering important local issues. Meeting details are sent to all Members of the RMA on a regular basis.

All individuals living or working in the area and all local groups are eligible for membership. Anyone wishing to join us should contact the Association’s secretary (rma@radyr.org.uk). There is no membership subscription – it’s free.


Professor Smail to talk at RMA Meeting on 1 February 2020

Last August we were delighted to welcome local Radyr resident, Emeritus Professor Ron Eccles, to talk to us about COVID-19.  He told us what the virus was, and what was likely to happen.  He was right.

We are doubly privileged and delighted to welcome another Radyr resident, Emeritus Professor Simon Smail, CBE, as the speaker at our next meeting (via Zoom) on Monday, 1 February 2021.  Professor Smail has had a most distinguished career including a period as Vice-Chairman of the Public Health Wales NHS Trust, Vice-Chairman of Leonard Cheshire Disability and (some years ago) being the ‘Radio Doctor’ for Radio Wales and presenting some health TV programmes on Channel 4.   He is therefore superbly placed to talk to us about the current virus, how it has been dealt with, and where it is going – all within the context of previous challenges such as Spanish Flu and AIDS.

His talk is titled ‘Epidemics, Public Health and COVID’.  Given the current uplift in concern over the pandemic and the increase in restrictions, this is a talk not to be missed.

The meeting will also cover other local topics including thoughts on the 2021 Radyr & Morganstown May Festival.

The talk will start at 7:30pm.  Follow the link to register for this event and receive your joining instructions:

Register now for this event

16 November 2020 – Transport for Wales

The RMA General Meeting, held over Zoom, on Monday 16 November 2020 was very well attended by all measures (physical or virtual). That was because of the concern being expressed by local residents over the major work that will be conducted in around the Mound Field and Gelynis Farm over the next few years.  Members may already have seen the report of the meeting in the draft minutes – we were hoping to be able to share a recording of the meeting as well but unfortunately technical difficulties have prevented that.

For further background, TFW have provided us with a copy of the presentation they gave. They also provided a copy of the draft site plan. Do have a look at those documents to read in conjunction with the minutes.  We also asked TFW where we could find more information about the Metro. They said they were working on a more comprehensive area of the website which will cover Radyr in specific detail but, for now, they suggested the following links: https://trc.cymru/south-wales-metro and https://trc.cymru/metro-faqs.

As soon as the Web Team receive further information we will share it through https://radyr.org.uk

5 October 2020 – Jamie Grundy talks about “90 Minutes of Freedom”

Jamie Grundy, talked to the RMA about his book ‘’90 Minutes of Freedom’. Jamie, who only recently moved from Radyr, may be best known to us as a main driver towards the establishment of ‘The Radyr Tap’. He has run numerous community projects and has worked with serving prisoners on several projects in all six of the Welsh male prisons. His book is about the only prisoner football team in Wales in HMP Prescoed. It was a year-long project that he says taught him a great deal about writing, being an author and the world of self-publishing.

This session also included some local updates and the agreement of the Treasurer’s report for the Association Accounts for 2019.

This meeting was held via Zoom on Monday 5 October 2020.

Watch on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya8o8Hk9RYM

10 August 2020 – Ron Eccles on COVID-19: The great pandemic

Local resident Emeritus Professor Ron Eccles of Cardiff University gave a talk to the Association followed by a Q&A Sesssion on the subject “COVID-19 – The great pandemic”.

As the lockdown is easing but restrictions are still in place the RMA are trialling holding some of our sessions online via Zoom to allow us to continue our work of making Radyr and Morganstown a great place in which to live and work.

This session was only open to RMA Members but his presentation can now be viewed through the RMA YouTube Channel – https://youtu.be/g_QopNPvfKI

Minutes of previous meetings

You can view the minutes of the Radyr and Morganstown Association meetings from the list below.

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