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Updated 29 March 2018

Taff Housing Association proposes to build 36 dwellings and 34 parking spaces on a 0.75 acre plot of land on the Radyr Sidings estate. These could house an additional 100 people, adding to the existing pressures on local amenities such as primary schools, the medical centre, road infrastructure, parking and the sewerage system. The proposals are also significantly out of keeping with the rest of the estate, as they are overbearing, have a different appearance and use of materials, and are much more densely packed.

The planning application documents submitted to Cardiff Council are available to read on the Council’s planning website at (It will open in a new tab or browser window – and please be patient, as it can take some time to load.)


Around 140 objections were submitted to the council during the formal consultation period during January. They are all available to view on the council’s planning website, but for ease of reference, some of the key objections can be downloaded here (they will each open in a new browser tab):

NEW. White Young Green (Taff Housing’s planning advisors) have submitted a letter which aims to address the objections.

Next steps

The application will be considered by a Planning Committee, which is now likely to happen on 9th May 2018.

Councillor McKerlich is going to request a site visit at that meeting (he has already flagged this via e-mail) and the Council’s planning officer believes that the request for a site visit will be granted. Should this be the case then the substantive debate and the opportunity to address the Committee will not take place until the June Committee (13th).

Once the Planning Committee meets in June, Councillor McKerlich and our planning advisor will each have 5 minutes to make any further representations in person before the Committee. Taff Housing will have a right of reply and can speak for 5 minutes as well.

If the decision is to refuse the development, Taff Housing can either appeal the decision, or submit a fresh application with a revised proposal.

If the decision is to allow the development, we do not have the right to appeal, so that will be the end of the road for any challenge.

How you can still help

Although the formal period for objections has now ended, the council will take into consideration any further comments received before the Planning Committee meets. Therefore, please feel free to submit your comments, particularly if:

  • you did not respond before the deadline;
  • any new points of objection occur to you since submitting your original objection;
  • you have any new photos of parking or traffic problems on the estate or King’s Road, eg. blockages by delivery vehicles or waste collection trucks, or any accidents.

You can comment by either of the following methods:

1 – Follow the instructions on the Council’s Planning website at to sign up and “Make a Comment” on application 17/03034/MJR.

2 – E-mail and with your comments, and ensure that you include the application reference 17/03034/MJR in your message.

Please avoid objecting on the basis that the proposed development is social housing or that it would diminish the value of your home. We realise that this may be a cause for concern for some people, but there is a real need for social housing in Cardiff, and objecting on this basis will a) be irrelevant from a planning point of view, and b) probably weaken other legitimate grounds for objection.

Please remember that all comments submitted will be published on the planning website, including your name and address.

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