Executive Committee

RMA Executive Committee

Welcome to the Association Committee. If you want to know more about the Association and what it does, then feel free to get in touch with any of us.

The Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in April each year. All posts are open to any member of the Association.

List of Members of the Executive Committee of the Association

Chairman – David Silver (Tel: 07988 044419)

David Silver Chairman R&MA

David Silver Chairman R&MA

Vice Chairman – Tom Evans (Tel: 07730 589904)

Secretary – Nick Hawkins (Tel: 2084 2561)

Treasurer – Bob Roberts (Tel: 2084 2995)

Committee – Eric Blackwell (Tel:2084 2717)

Committee – David Cargill (Tel: 2084 2034)

Committee – Allan Cook (Tel: 2084 3176)

Committee – Roy Godier (Tel: 07922 077063)

Committee – Raymond Rivron (Tel: 2041 9864)

Committee – Karen Wright (Tel: 07480 121236)