How secure is our Festival

Our current Festival, the 32nd, has just finished. It lasted 16 days and we had 34 different events. Everyone loves the parade and Fete and the Concert in the Parc is enjoyed by the whole community, whatever their age.

Who organises the Festival? We have a Festival Committee which comprises of the members of the RMA Executive, a few people from the charity we support and a member from each organisation which runs an event. Each individual organisations and the charity plan and run their own events. However, the Fete, Parade, Concert in the Parc, the Play, the Film and all of the concerts are planned and organised by the RMA.

The RMA committee has only 9 members, a number of whom are not in the first flush of youth. We also have a number of excellent helpers who come along to events like Concert in the Parc and help us to set them up.

What we desperately need are more people to help us with the planning and organising of events. We urgently need someone to organise next year’s Parade. If no one comes forward it may well not take place. We have many local organisations for youngsters including , rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts. Perhaps one of them, a group of them, or their leaders would like to organise the Parade next year. No one is expected to do it all themselves and plenty of help is available. What we really need is planners and organisers.

Next year is our 33rd Festival. We hope it continues for many years to come. However, to do so we need your help. This is the community’s Festival and if you want it to continue you need to support it, not just by attending events, but by helping the team arranging it.

If you are willing to help us, either with the Parade or with the Festival and all the other work we do please contact one of the committee or e mail