Residents Road/Traffic Information Meeting 20/11/2018

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    You are invited to a
    Public information evening

    Presentations by
    Rod King MBE – 20’s Plenty for Us
    Dr Sarah Jones – Public Health Wales

    Questions and Answers

    Tuesday 20th November 2018
    18.30 – 20.00

    Drama Studio
    Radyr Comprehensive School

    Please use this opportunity to share your views and questions



    Could you clarify what “Public information” is to be discussed?

    What is on the agenda?



    The @RMHub tweet, copied to the Radyr and Morganstown website distinctly states that ‘there will also be a discussion on improving road safety in Radyr and Morganstown which Cllr Rod McKerlich will lead’. I’m sorry, but that is patently different from a ‘short information-giving session’ for which Cllr McKerlich has been invited to ‘brief our members on the new proposals put out by Cardiff Council’. So, if it’s not a ‘discussion’ why give readers the impression that it is? Furthermore, it might also be seen as somewhat of an exaggeration to claim that this was arranged ‘long before’ the RMA heard about the meeting of 20th November as the proposals have only recently been circulated. I also notice that the CCC proposals are already available on the Radyr and Morganstown website, in the form of a link to the map setting out the proposals in detail.

    I have asked the RMA ‘respectfully’ to reconsider including this ‘discussion/briefing’ in the light of the Public Meeting the evening after, which is entirely dedicated to Road Safety in the ward. As residents will see from the flyer, it involves ‘question and answers’ and invites residents to ‘Please use this opportunity to share your views and questions’.

    What would it take for the RMA to make the generous gesture of simply referring residents to the Public Meeting at Radyr Comprehensive, which more than a short, simple briefing, provides opportunity for a full discussion? I would also ask Rod to express magnanimity in suggesting the same. Two discussions on road safety on consecutive evening is really inadvisable.

    The residents’ Love our Villages group have worked tirelessly since the first public meeting back in May. Our only ‘crime’ seems to be that we contributed substantially to getting road safety on the agenda for our ward, and particularly on the County Council’s agenda. The exclusive driving-force behind our efforts has been the safety of residents, and particularly children, along what has become an overused and dangerous road, a road, moreover that is becoming increasingly overused and dangerous by the day, with the Plasdwr housing development.

    We have met with some obdurate opposition from some senior members of the Community Council in recent months. We have seen articles and reports by those who claim authority, published, in the Radyr Chain, clearly intended to disparage our efforts and confer on us the status of ‘non-experts’. Our request for modest funding was rejected out of hand by the CC, which means that everything we do is currently self-funded, and we are not talking pennies. As I have already said, this is not a small group of troublesome upstarts – although it would seem that we are considered (by some) to be – but a group of residents that are actively campaigning for increased road safety in the ward. We recognise that there will always be alternative views, but the strength of feeling that something needs to be done is visible from our petition, with its 600+ local signatories, and from an impressive string of signs along the road in question.
    It would seem that residents have no right to organise themselves for the benefit of the community, that we are seen as usurping and erroneously appropriating the authority invested in our Community Council. It would seem that our only role is to pay the annual precept and let the Council get on with the grown-up job of thinking and acting for us. So really, a little more magnanimity on the part of those ‘in authority’ would be welcome for a change. I hasten to add that I am not including the RMA in ‘those with authority’, but their generosity of spirit in this instance would constitute a friendly gesture.



    (easier to access)

    You are invited to a
    Public information evening

    Presentations by
    Rod King MBE – 20’s Plenty for Us
    Dr Sarah Jones – Public Health Wales

    Questions and Answers

    Tuesday 20th November 2018
    18.30 – 20.00

    Sports Hall
    Radyr Comprehensive School


    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for the invitation. Myself, Huw Jones, Ralph Vaughan, Kevin Ullah, David Suthers and Rod McKerlich are attending from the Community Council.

    I understand that there will be an update on the work of Love Our Villages and an update on the local context from Rod McKerlich.

    I have heard Rod King and Sarah Jones speak and they have a great grasp of the evidence and issues.

    I hope if anyone is thinking of going, to find out more, ask questions or discuss their concerns, then please may I encourage them to do so. Information is nearly everything.

    If any older residents (or anyone) need a lift up to the School, then just message me, here or at and I would be happy to arrange this.



    Hi Kieran

    Helen Lloyd Jones also intends to be at the meeting. 🙂


    See you there Helen, if my surgery is on time. Not a lot of people know about your report and work on Walking routes within and through the Village. It will all come together, I am sure. Thanks.



    Here is a link to Radyr and Morganstown Community Council’s response to Cardiff Council’s draft scheme layout for highway improvements:

    In summary, the response states that Radyr and Morganstown Community Council:

    welcomes the proposed works
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to agree a comprehensive scheme that will make our community a better and safer place to live.
    wants to agree with Cardiff Council a timetable for delivery of the scheme within as short a time as possible.
    believes strongly that providing a limited number of improvements, making some parts of the road safe whilst leaving other parts in a dangerous condition, should not be thought of as ‘enough for now’.
    believes that the work should begin with new tabled zebra crossings at Morganstown, Min-y-Coed and Radyr Health Center – along with additional provision by Radyr Comprehensive School.
    agrees that existing zebra crossings should be tabled
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to ensure successful delivery of a 20mph zone, as an integral part of the scheme
    would like to see all crossings catering for cyclists, if possible.
    agrees that the crossing near Station Road should be upgraded to a tabled Puffin Crossing
    would support the introduction of a 20mph limit, based on best practice
    requests a tabled Pegasus Crossing near Radyr Farm Lane, to enable pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders to cross safely
    requests that thought be given to providing safe passage for motorists living east and west of Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road, as they seek to turn left and right onto those roads
    believes that a safe-cycling strategy should be developed for Radyr and Morganstown
    requests that the risks associated with the junction of De Clare Drive with King’s Road should be addressed,
    requests that a pavement should be installed along the short length of Windsor Road which does not have one at present
    requests that various options should be considered with regard to the future use of Golf Club lane
    asks that signs be erected to discourage fly tipping on Golf Club Lane.
    supports changing train ticket pricing to remove the incentive to catch trains fom Radyr rather than Taffs Well
    requests that the safety of pedestrians crossing the lower end of Drysgol Road should be considered
    requests that Cardiff Council considers measures to ensure that the propsed works do not result in drivers using other routes through Radyr and Morganstown, thus transferring risk to other sections of road.

    The response has been sent to Councillor Caro Wild (Cardiff Council’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Transport); Paul Carter (Head of Transport at Cardiff Council); Mark Drakeford AM; Kevin Brennan MP and the Welsh Government.

    Cllr Huw Onllwyn Jones

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