Radyr could see new pub after a 15 year wait

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    The Vale of Glamorgan Brewery has applied for permission to open the Radyr Tap, a micropub in an empty unit in Station Road.
    Radyr has been without a pub since 2003 – and for years it reportedly has been the only Cardiff suburb without its own public house.




    Great to see!! About time



    Glads you posted on here otherwise our councillor would have not seen the campaign on twitter…


    My friend set up and runs a micro-pub in Canton. https://www.facebook.com/stcannas/
    He has a great relationship with real ale breweries and the place has a great sense of social community, with games and food nights, open mics, talks, live music and trips to breweries etc. The 20-40s love it. My only complaint is that it is a bit small and like most breweries hardly ever has anything other than India Pale Ales and not many proper Cider.

    PS: I am assuming that everyone knows that I am not the Councillor that some people want to see on twitter. Personally, I don’t think twitter is a great forum. Information and conversation are too easily manipulated and distorted by deindivuation and accelerated immediacy (Suller). 🙂



    Anything resembling a pub will be extremely welcome in Radyr, but I suspect a micropub will not be able to accommodate the social need for a pub in the village. I remember the days, particularly in the summer, when the Radyr Arms (RIP) was crowded both inside and out. The ‘village’ has grown substantially since then and, I fear, a small premises on Station Road will not suffice. I never understood why the Radyr Arms disappeared, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of custom, even back then.


    You are right, Gordon. I think a micro-pub would fit in well with the current retail and hospitality mix on Station Road. Maybe, we will get a Weatherspoons on the new Plasdwr/Waterhall estate? 🙂




    Whilst I was saddened the Radyr Arms closed, it was near its end not very enticing. It was like one of those Brewers Fayre places which is not in my eyes a pub but a large restaurant selling plates of overcooked 3 meats and a communal gravy with overcooked veg and the ubiquitous yorkshire pudding with an ice cream sundae.

    I will support a micro pub as the focal point will be drink and not the aforesaid mass produced pub grub.

    Pity Radyr cannot entice a decent gastro pub or independent restaurants like Whitchurch and Llandaff.



    A pub? The premises are minute….


    Does the proposer of the licence have a plan to mitigate disturbance to residents on the street? Chichetti closes at 9pm.

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