New bus timetable from 3 September

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    Much better. I hope people use it otherwise I suspect we’ll go back to the old timetable.

    Whilst on the subject, what are people’s views on approaching Cardiff Bus to make the City Centre to Morganstown a circular route? In other words leaving city centre to Morganstown but then continuing on to Tongwynlais and then Whitchurch and back to the city centre that way. There can be a route starting from city centre to Whitchurch, Tongwynlais and then on to Morganstown/Radyr etc. This would open up Whitchurch and Ton to those of us wishing to take advantage of the opportunity.



    What you’re suggesting, papoforado1, is two circular routes:
    (1) City Centre – Radyr – Morganstown – Tongwynlais – Whitchurch – City Centre
    (2) City Centre – Whitchurch – Tongwynlais – Morganstown – Radyr – City Centre

    In fact, if you extend and circularise the current route, you’d need the second route in the reverse direction, otherwise folk in all but the last stop wouldn’t be able to get into town. Well, they would, but only at the cost of a much longer journey. People in Danescourt, for example, would have to go into town on the 63 through Radyr, Morganstown, Tongwynlais and Whitchurch!)

    So, ideally, that would mean doubling the number of buses necessary to cover both directions at the same 20-minute frequency. Whilst I’m sure most residents in these areas of Cardiff would be delighted with the extended, circular services, Cardiff Bus might have a problem with it! So, as the saying goes, “Hope for everything, expect nothing”!



    Papofurado1 and Gordon I’ve long thought there is an obvious bus connection missing between Radyr/Morganstown and Tongwynlais/Whitchurch. I live in one and work in the other and although the Taff Trail is a pleasant connecting walk via the Ironbridge in the summer months, the long walk round via the road to the bus stop in the winter months isn’t very pleasant at all and I end up taking the car instead. Whitchurch is such a thriving place that I’m sure the residents of Radyr/Morganstown would find better transport links to it beneficial.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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