Network Rail Plot on De Clare Drive

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    Does anyone know if there’s any news on this plot of land that’s sat in the centre of the Sidings estate and whether its been sold or not?
    I have had so many friends this past week have the news that their child hasn’t made the cut for Radyr Primary, apparently there was more than double the applications than the number of available spaces, which is ridiculous.
    I cannot help but think that this plot of land would have been absolutely perfect to have built a small primary school on.
    Just wondered if there are any plans for it now or if its to remain as it is, unused, overgrown and a total waste!



    a very logical idea, however the costs of creating a new school are too expensive – I think the construction costs alone would be several million – not to mention the budget a new school would need.

    Cardiff Council would no doubt point you towards some of the primary schools within the city which were under-subscribed.



    I find it somewhat ironic that this large plot of development land remains unsold, whilst at the same time Cardiff council are handing out planning permission for 6,500 houses up at Plasdwr…. and destroying the green belt forever whilst they’re at it.



    Looks like this might be social or sheltered housing



    Hello – is there anymore news on ‘the plot’. I see on the Radyr Sidings pages of the R&M site that a Housing Association is interested in buying it for 37 properties. I would be very keen to know what type of properties these might be and if it is likely to happen. Thanks




    As for the plot, there doesn’t appear to be anything on the council planning application page. Just the update on the Radyr Sidings page.

    It’s a real concern. Not trying to be too NIMBY about it, were a further 37 houses (whether social housing or luxury) to be built on the Sidings, with Plasdwr this would ultimately lead to:

    – yet more congestion on the Estate
    – yet more congestion in the area
    – more demand on the local Radyr primary school (already being at capacity with children in the Sidings being offered third choice schools out of the village in Danescourt)
    – more demand on the GP surgery.

    Any more detail on the plans would be appreciated.




    I emailed Taff Housing with my concerns in June and had a response from their development department on 3rd July, which said the following:

    Currently Taff Housing Association is still investigating the site including the planning implications of any proposed development.
    Our proposed scheme has 37 units and is a mix of flats and houses but again that is not confirmed.
    If you bear with us another day or so while we gather more information we will get back to you and explain how we will consult with the local community.

    They’ve not come back to me since.

    My email to them was me giving them my concerns all basically as you’ve pointed out. I think the more residents to email them and raise concerns the better.
    The email address for them is:



    I’ve received a further email today from Taff Housing, its reads as follows:

    Dear Madam

    Following from my colleagues email, we can advise you further as follows:

    Taff are yet to purchase the site from the vendor, but we are the preferred bidder on the land. As such, designs are at a very early stage. We are currently working with the architect and contractor to design a development which is sympathetic to its surroundings, and one that considers the pressures faced by the existing community.

    Unfortunately, Taff are unable to comment on the Education provisions in the area, as this is a concern of the Local Authority, but rest assured we will work with the Local Authority through the Planning Process to ensure that the housing which is built on the site meets their guidance.

    Currently, the site that we are proposing is for 28 flats and 9 houses.

    If we choose to take the scheme forward, then Taff will be will be undertaking a Public Consultation through the planning process, at which time you will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals.

    We have already met with the local Councillor and some residents to understand the communities issues and we will address them in our designs.

    Should you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact myself through email.

    Kind Regards


    The education part worries me, unless they plan on including a primary school in their plans then I cannot see how it will work!



    I’ve also received the same email today as made enquiries to Taff Housing also. This really concerns me in terms of impact on the estate, the local school etc etc. I would also like more detail about who Taff Housing will be providing the flats/houses to. Their email states that they have met the Councillor already. It would be good for him to share what conversations he has had and how he is representing us in this matter.



    He doesn’t post on the forum anymore – you will have to email him via the link on “his page”



    Does anyone have a recent update on this? I see the plot has recently been tidied up and wondered if that was in advance of any developments?
    Although I very much hope this development does not happen!



    Hi all

    I’ve just posted about a ‘public information event’ being held by Taff Housing Association regarding a planning proposal for the plot at /forum/topic/planning-proposal-for-the-plot-in-radyr-sidings/



    I think the ‘public information event’ is just a tick box exercise in reality.
    It seems to all be in hand no matter what they say.
    I’m already disappointed, when i emailed Taff Housing direct a few weeks back they assured me it would be a well designed layout only consisting of 1 and 2 bed apartments.
    That has already changed that to now include 3 bed houses!
    Its awful, more than 25 local nursery children who already live in the area were turned down for Radyr Primary and Bryn Derwen this year, as they are both awfully oversubscribed.
    Where do they think these children are going to go?!
    I fear the event is just to keep the local residents quiet and this is one battle that has already unfortunately been lost.
    Such a shame as the Sidings is now going to look a whole lot different, especially if the sketch on the flyer is anything like what they plan to build.

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