Network Rail Plot on De Clare Drive

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    Does anyone know if there’s any news on this plot of land that’s sat in the centre of the Sidings estate and whether its been sold or not?
    I have had so many friends this past week have the news that their child hasn’t made the cut for Radyr Primary, apparently there was more than double the applications than the number of available spaces, which is ridiculous.
    I cannot help but think that this plot of land would have been absolutely perfect to have built a small primary school on.
    Just wondered if there are any plans for it now or if its to remain as it is, unused, overgrown and a total waste!



    a very logical idea, however the costs of creating a new school are too expensive – I think the construction costs alone would be several million – not to mention the budget a new school would need.

    Cardiff Council would no doubt point you towards some of the primary schools within the city which were under-subscribed.



    I find it somewhat ironic that this large plot of development land remains unsold, whilst at the same time Cardiff council are handing out planning permission for 6,500 houses up at Plasdwr…. and destroying the green belt forever whilst they’re at it.



    Looks like this might be social or sheltered housing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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