Message from NW on Police activity Heol Isaf 16th April

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    Dear Member
    Operation Seat Belt/Mobile Phones/Speeding
    Today the police set up and operation on Heol Isaf to check on drivers not wearing seat belts, using mobile phones and exceeding the speed limit. The result of this exercise is as follows:
    47 drivers stopped
    28 drivers were given a warning and asked to attend a viewing of a video set up in the OCR by the Fire Service.
    5 drivers were given fixed penalty notices
    10 drivers were warned and given further advice.
    3 HGV drivers were stopped, who were in contravention of the weight restrictions
    1 was given a penalty notice and 2 were legitimately delivering to addresses in Radyr or Morganstown.
    A number of drivers were warned regarding exceeding the speed limit approaching the speed monitor at Dan y Bryn Cheshire Home.
    Please advise your neighbours of the risk taken driving without a seat belt, using mobile phones and speeding resulting in the ultimate sanctions.



    Good information, although alarming the number of drivers stopped for speeding, mobile phone use and HGVs – can this be brought as an item to be discussed in the community council meeting, I’ll post something on the other thread for some ideas for discussion …



    Excellent news and thank you for the efforts, hopefully its some help in the right direction, but an alarming number pulled over for a village ?
    Multiply that by 5 school days a week and that’s frightening !



    well they won’t have deployed that amount of resource in one location for over an hour either so actually you can multiply it by about 8… and then multiply that by 5 school days. Absolutely shocking! Just about everyone from the residents to know its only sheer luck that has prevented a fatality… everyone except the council.

    Do we know what time of day they were there?



    “A number of drivers were warned regarding exceeding the speed limit approaching the speed monitor at Dan y Bryn Cheshire Home.”

    so a number of drivers were proven to be exceeding the speed limit by a calibrated, dedicated instrument right outside a primary a school (with all the signs and flashing patrol lights etc.) but they were just given a warning? That is disappointing. In my own experience of walking past that speed repeater, I’d say confidently that there was simply too many people making the sign go red for them to warn all of them. It’s at least one out of every two.



    Think it is really positive that SW police have provided the resource to do this. Thank you.

    I saw the operation around 9:30am, so was in the morning. What this does highlight though is just how much of an issue this is. We all know it, SW police included. Obviously they do not have unlimited resources and this type operation as I understand it is very expensive to complete.

    However, numerous vehicles being pulled over in a very short space of time just highlights how many offences are taking place on Heol Isaf every single minute of every single day. Will SW police make this information available to Cardiff Council and offer some ideas on a solution?

    I previously thought the only primary school in Cardiff that compared to the issue on child safety we have at Radyr Primary was Birchgrove. However drove past today, and bosh they now have a 20 zone….if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

    Realise someone has to be at the back of the queue, but seems like we are not even in the queue…..

    Councillor McKerlick this needs to be resolved. Know I am a real pain constantly asking for the same thing, so I promise the day there is a 20 zone on Heol Isaf by radyr Primary and a raised crossing at Min Y Coed, I will merrily never speak to you again.



    we are in the queue for additional crossings – see page 4

    but a 20mph zone is not on the radar of anyone apart from residents and (believe it or not) Plasdwr/Redrow who suggested it as part of their planning application and therefore were obviously happy to contribute to it. The reports here that our local representatives are now saying that the Section 106 did not secure enough money for it (when Plasdwr WANTED it!) is a monumental missed open goal if true. I’m struggling to see how a 20mph zone makes a dent in £300k though.


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