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    “Newsletter circulation; a small number of largely anonymous contributors to the local “forum”
    suggested that I should communicate with residents via twitter. I asked for views in my April report
    and the overwhelming response was that I should carry on as at present.”

    I for one would like twitter updates as well – anyone else?



    I second that *waves from the back of the room*
    And to perfectly illustrate the usefulness of social media, the explanation for the recently escorted heavy load through the village is given retrospectively in the latest newsletter, whereas it would appear that (advance) notice had actually been provided. A monthly newsletter just cannot communicate this effectively. A simple tweet (in advance) conveying this information could have been of some use:
    “Just to give you notice, there will be an abnormal (wide) load travelling along Heol Isaf on Sunday morning at approx. 7am.The vehicle will have a police escort. The original route had to be amended due to weak structures, which have proved unsafe for such a heavy vehicle. They have chosen 7am on Sunday to minimise disruption.”
    Perhaps if the councillor had asked for feedback on this matter when he attended the recent road safety meeting he might have had a different response?



    I’d be interested to understand what constitutes the “overwhelming response” and what evidence he has to support this.



    There is a “tweet” on twitter to this effect – if we can gets lost of people to like this then that provides evidence to the contrary of what the councillor has stated.



    Another vote here!

    Most of the other councillors use it to give timely updates to their residents. 20splenty raised a good example above, and I’ll use Rod’s colleague Cllr Jayne Cowan who has nearly 6000 followers and recently has given updates on twitter to her ward about the council’s decisions about Rhiwbina library, recent burglaries (as soon as they happen) and planned roadworks (before they happen)

    Using social media is also a great way to reach key decision makers within Cardiff – residents have campaigned and had Cllr Caro Wild visit to see for himself issues on road safety, have had broken bollards replaced by the council and have also managed to get Plasdwr to put signs up about HGVs. Its also a good way to reach the local schools, businesses, GoSafe, SWPolice and Cardiff Council who are excellent at taking on board queries and directing them to the right department

    This isn’t to say it should replace, but be an accompaniment, to the 1 page of A4 we get every month, as I understand some residents in the community don’t have access to a computer or don’t use SM.



    Other councillors on twitter

    Phil Bale has 3,300 followers
    Jayne Cowan 5,800
    Carl Wild 2,800
    Dan De’ath ( former deputy Lord Mayor ) 1,600 followers.

    Now not all followers may be residents within the areas they represent, but I would guess that a substantial number are.



    Someone has asked whether Rod should use twitter and the “overwhelming response” would appear to be Yes!

    Even his fellow conservative councillor (Cllr Jayne Cowan) has tweeted to support Radyr residents stating that;

    “I think all Councillors should tweet and use social media to engage and update their resident”

    Further support also from Cllr Fenella Bowden and Cllr Neil McEvoy



    The very word “twitter” leaves me cold.



    Why has this unusual item in the newsletter been framed as if its a choice between ‘carrying on as normal’ or ‘communicating via twitter’. Surely there’s a third choice of ‘doing both’?!

    It’s interesting but not surprising to see other councillors come out in favour of using social media. There is a danger of disengaging members of the community (particularly young people) if you don’t keep up with the reality of their daily lives.



    It would appear that there have been a number of burglaries in Radyr recently and there were incidents just last night involving the Police. The police has asked that people be vigilant and keep windows/doors/garages locked. This is exactly the kind of useful news that would should be tweeted by our representative – other councillors manage to do this and it would take seconds.



    absolutely …

    also in Rod’s ‘newsletter’ he felt the need to highlight he has spent his time on potholes and missed bin collections – tweet the council – they will respond within minutes



    The front page of this very web site has the ‘tweet’ @RMHub from the police on it about recent burglaries.
    You only have to look at ‘Diddle’s’ post on the 15th ironically……

    “recent burglaries (as soon as they happen) and planned roadworks (before they happen)

    I shall get this message in early June in my Cllr monthly newsletter !

    Analogue communications in a digital world comes to mind.



    The Radyr Tap now has a Twitter account – as of today it has 120 more followers than our councillor and is following 250+ people.

    And it hasn’t been in situ for decades.

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