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    Several long standing grievances still problematic:

    1. I have had 2 brown bins broken by the heavy handed bin men this year. It took ages for one to be replaced and now they’ve broken another
    2. One winter collection a month; that is ridiculous
    3. Bins being not fully emptied; don’t the bin men check?
    4. Empty bins still being left strewn across my drive or neighbour’s property
    5. Petty and pedantic attitudes of bin men refusing to empty bins if slightly overfilled or overhanging foliage etc
    6. Not taking black bags when plainly the black bin is full [it being a lot smaller than the green bin]

    Unacceptable. Hardly good value for the disproportionately high level of rates paid without quibble.



    Indeed, similar problems. My brown bin was smashed…. they sent someone out with a new lid!!! Boy chucks it around… step daughter had a word when she spotted him… it worked.

    Council take on rubbish left in bottom of bin? “They’re only allowed to do one bin lift” regardless…

    Totally agree frequency of pick up is appalling. Half size black bin emptied every fortnight = monthly collection in comparison to original black bins …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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