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Latest News :

The Inspectors’ Final Report can be seen here and below.  We are hugely disappointed to see that Welsh Government got its way and the Green Belt has been replaced with a Green Wedge which gives less protection to the land north of the M4.  An enormous amount of work by a dedicated group of people was put into representing the communities of NW Cardiff throughout the LDP process.  R&MCC has been involved since at least 2006!  Did we make any difference?  Some, we think. But it always felt like the combined influence of Welsh Government and developers made it very hard for communities to be heard.  While the LDP has been declared sound by the Inspectors we still feel that it leaves Cardiff with long-term problems in managing the level of growth and the consequences for transport, in particular.  So far, the only solution for NW Cardiff are some extra buses on the Llantrisant Road and traffic delays created to force people out of their cars and onto those buses.  
The R&MCC and NWCG submissions to the last consultation on the LDP’s Matters Arising Changes Schedule are below.  We have argued strongly for the Green Belt and against the Welsh Government’s intervention on this.  90%+ of residents responding to an earlier LDP consultation were in favour of a Green Belt.
R&MCC and the NWCG responded to the further application for N/S of Llantrisant Road and these are attached below, dated November 9.
R&MCC and the NWCG completed their appearance at two days of extra Hearings on the LDP on September 28-29. These were to address specific questions raised by the Inspectors on the Matters Arising Changes, ie the changes made by Cardiff to the LDP as a result of the original Hearings that ran in January and February.

All Action Points arising from these two latest Hearings will be put online on Cardiff’s LDP website.

The Inspectors hope to get their report to Cardiff Council for fact-checking by late November/early December.

R&MCC and the NWCG have submitted their responses to the consultation on the LDP that ended on July 23 and was only on the changes requested by the Inspectors and not on the whole LDP. Cardiff’s web page is here with the documents. 

R&MCC’s response the big application for Strategic Site C is below. The deadline for responses was February 13.

See below for our responses to the premature planning applications on the Llantrisant Road in the Radyr area and Pentrebane Road.

We continue to work with a wider group of NW Cardiff communities: Llandaff, Danescourt, St Fagans, Pentyrch, Gwaelod y Garth and Creigiau. We are now working with Cardiff Civic Society too so this is a strong coalition. 

We have written letters strongly arguing for the delay of development in NW Cardiff. These can be seen in our documents below.

We have met with Cllr Patel, the Cabinet Member for Cardiff Council’s LDP, and senior officers. We have also met with Roger Lewis, Chairman of the Cardiff Capital City region.

If you have any questions about all this, then do get in touch with the Clerk.

R&MCC’s submissions on the Deposit (ie final draft) LDP can be seen in the list of documents below.

All the information, links and documents for the Deposit Plan consultation can be found here.

Cardiff’s LDP includes significant changes to R&M and our neighbouring communities. We take this issue very seriously and actively engage with the consultation process, Cardiff Council officers, our County Councillor, MP and AM and neighbouring Community Councils to ensure that we represent the community effectively.

Our position is that we welcome the LDP, accept the need for development but dispute the number of dwellings proposed. An earlier LDP draft stated that infrastructure should be in place before development starts. The Deposit Plan has removed that commitment. It is our over-riding concern that the LDP will not provide the infrastructure needed to make the new developments successful places to live and work or be well-integrated with existing communities. We also say that existing public and road transport in NW Cardiff cannot cope with the proposed development and cannot sufficiently be improved.

Copies of R&MCC’s responses to previous LDP consultations can be seen below : the Masterplan and Preferred Strategy (which includes our letter to the LDP team and a professional transport appraisal by Transport Planning Associates).

We will post information here to help keep you informed on the local aspects of Cardiff Council’s LDP which was delayed for a year in December 2011.

Cardiff Population and Household Forecasts, June 2013. This document (see below), commissioned from Edge Analytics by Cardiff Council, updates the evidence on actual and predicted numbers.

A copy of the Preferred Strategy, ie the version of the LDP for consultation in autumn 2012 is below. There are also the Candidate Sites and a couple of key technical papers.

Please contact 20842213 or clerk@radyr.wales for further information.

515993 – Cardiff LDP – Inspectors’ Report

2016-01-05 – Covering Letter to Inspectors’ Report 515993

515993 – Appendix A – MACs Schedule

515993 – Appendix B – Inspector MACs

R&MCC Further MAC comments November 25 2015

NWCG Further MAC comments November 25 2015

R&MCC Response 14_02157_MJR Land N&S Llantrisant Road 9.11.15

NWCG Response 14_02157_MJR Land N&S Llantrisant Road 9.11.15

R&MCC Response 14_02157_MJR Land N&S Llantrisant Road 8.10.2015

NWCG Response 14_02157_MJR Land N&S Llantrisant Road 8.10.15

NWCG response to 14_02733_MJR 13.2.15

R&MCC response to 14_02733_MJR 13.2.15

Alternative Site A6 Maes y Llech Farm

Alternative Site A8 Southern Boundary of Strategic Site C
Alternative Site A11 Land North of Junction 33 on M4 and South of Creigiau
Alternative Site B1 Rookwood Hospital
Alternative Site B3 South of Junction 33 on the M4
Alternative Site B5 Cwm Farm, Radyr
Alternative Site B6 Strategic Site NW Cardiff
Alternative Site N1 North of Llantrisant Road
Alternative Site N10 Land at Snowden Road, Ely
Alternative Site N14 Former Arjo Wiggins, Ely Bridge
AQMA Llandaff and LDP in NW Cardiff 26.8.14
C Rapid Transit for Cardiff LDP – Arup
Candidate Sites Register
Cardiff Capital Region Metro Update Report August 2014
Cardiff Civic Society response re Candidate Sites and Growth June 2011
Cardiff Council LDP Alternative Sites Register
Cardiff Council LDP Alternative Sites Response Form
Cardiff LDP Cabinet Report on Deposit Plan 12.9.13
Cardiff LDP Deposit Plan 12.9.13
Cardiff LDP Preferred Strategy Appendices October 2012
Cardiff LDP Preferred Strategy for Consultation October 2012
Cardiff Population and Household Forecasts June 2013
CIL consultation response NWCG 22.12.14
CIL consultation response R&MCC 22.12.14
Consultation : Your City Your Future
Deposit Plan Constraints Map 12.9.13
Deposit Plan Proposals Plan 12.9.13
Deposit Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report 12.9.13
Draft Deposit Plan for LDP July 2013
Gelynis Farm Candidate Site Submission
Infrastructure Plan (with text highlights)
Joint letter from Cardiff Community Councils re LDP (R&MCC version)
LDP Candidate Sites Part 1
LDP Candidate Sites Part 2
LDP Facts and Figures for Template Llantrisant Road
LDP Preferred Strategy Consultation Response Form
LDP Public Consultations November 2012
LDP Transportation Technical Paper
LDP Urban Capacity Technical Paper
NW Cardiff Group Alternative Sites Cover Letter 4.4.14
NW Cardiff Group Alternative Sites Response 4.4.14
NW Cardiff Group joint statement on draft Deposit Plan August 2013
NWCG letter to Alun Davies, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Cardiff Council Cabinet Members 9.6.14
NWCG letter to Carl Sargeant, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Christine Chapman, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Edwina Hart, AM 1.9.14
NWCG letter to First Minister 1.9.14
NWCG letter to Gwyn Price, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Huw Lewis, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Jeff Cuthbert, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Leighton Andrews, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Lynne Neagle, AM 2.9.14
NWCG letter to Mark Drakeford AM 8.4.14
NWCG letter to Mark Drakeford AM 9.6.14
NWCG letter to Mick Antoniw, AM 2.9.14
NWCG Open Letter to Cllr R Patel 17.6.14
NWCG response to 14_02157_MJR Llantrisant Rd 6.11.14
NWCG response to 14_02188_MJR Pentrebane Rd 6.11.14

NWCG response to Site C Environmental Impact Assessment 26.6.14
NWCG response to Site D Creigiau 14_00852_DCO 3.7.14
NWCG Statement June 2014
O Cardiff City Region Transport Implementation Plan – Arup
R&MCC Alternative Sites Response 4.4.14
R&MCC DLDP main response November 2013
R&MCC DLDP response : Masterplanning Framework November 2013
R&MCC Joint letter from Community Councils DLDP November 2013
R&MCC Joint letter from NW Cardiff Group DLDP November 2013
R&MCC letter to Cardiff re Candidate Sites and Growth June 2011
R&MCC letter to Minister re Cardiff LDP June 2011
R&MCC meetings for LDP consultation November 2012
R&MCC response to 14_02157_MJR Llantrisant Rd 6.11.14
R&MCC response to 14_02188_MJR Pentrebane Rd 6.11.14
R&MCC response to Cardiff Masterplan, March 2013
R&MCC response to LDP Preferred Strategy
R&MCC response to Site C Environmental Impact Assessment 26.6.14
R&MCC response to Site D Creigiau 14_00852_DCO 3.7.14
R&MCC response to Site D Transport Assessment Review 15.8.2014
R&MCC Statement on LDP March 2014
R&MCC Transport Appraisal DLDP November 2013
R&MCC Transport Appraisal Part 1
R&MCC Transport Appraisal Part 2
R&MCC Transport Appraisal Part 3
Statement from R&M’s MP and AM re LDP
Template for RM Alternative Site Response Form
Template letter for residents re Llantrisant Road 14_02157_MJR
Template letter for residents re Site C 14_02733_MJR
Transportation Plan (with text highlights)
Waterhall Candidate Site Submission