What is happening at the War Memorial?

As you pass along Heol isaf you will see that the War Memorial is covered in scaffolding.  We have asked who is doing what and have been told that, as part of a regular inspection programme of War Memorials, some key works were highlighted as being required.  CADW and the War Memorial Trust approved the bid for funding and work has just begun

The work will include a general clean of the memorial using a warm/steam method and all the defective mortar will be raked out by hand and re-pointed with lime mortar.  The bronze statue and sculpture will then be cleaned and the lettering restored.  It is not clear whether the lettering was originally of lead or of black lime mortar so some research will need to be done first.  All the pathways will be cleaned and repaired.

The work will take a little while as further funding will need to be agreed as the work progresses, however the intention is for the work to be completed in plenty of time for the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1.