Website Guide

The Home Page

This is obviously the main page of the site, with links to all the other pages. It contains the latest News items, Events for the next few days, the R&M Noticeboard and the most recently updated Forum pages. On the RHS of the screen there are some permanent links to useful pages like the weather, the local map, the latest County Councillor’s report etc. Please let us know if you think some of these links ought to be changed.

Along the top of the screen (which is repeated throughout the site) there is a blue bar which will take you straight to some important areas (such as Events), so you do not need to come back to the Home Page each time. And, at the very top, there is a search box (which is a Google-based search allowing you to find incidences of any word or phrase across the whole site) and a ‘sign in button’ (which allows you to be a registered user on the site – see below).

Note that, at the very bottom of the page there is a link to our legal disclaimer. If you haven’t read it, please do so.


This page tells you all about how to register on the site and why bother to do so. Note that, once registered, you can send and receive messages from other site users without disclosing your own email address. You can also set up your own avatar for when you use the Forum. To see these facilities, just click on your username at the top of the page once you have registered.


This is a popular area of the site where you can follow and contribute to any discussion.You do not need to be a registered user (see above) to look at the discussion, but you do need to register if you want to contribute to a discussion or even originate a new one.It is worthwhile setting up your own ‘avatar’ (a little picture) to distinguish your contributions. Note that all input to the Forum is subject to a specific ‘Code of Conduct’, which can be found here. This part of the site is moderated.

At the bottom of the front page of the Forum you will find a link to all the topics that have been raised in the past. Feel free to ‘resurrect’ old topics by making a new comment if you wish – the topic will then spring to the top of the list. It is useful to combine Forum activity with the internal messaging system (see above) if you wish to correspond with another contributor, but not in public.


Our picture gallery is also on the blue top bar and contains lots of pictures about R&M, both historic and current. It is really worth exploring but we have to admit that currently it is not set up in the best way. Unfortunately, we cannot change that just at the moment but we intend to do so in the near future.


The Directory is also be accessed from the top bar and is the link to all the organisations and businesses that we know of in R&M. There are rather a lot of them so they have been sorted into groups. If you cannot find the organisation or business that you want, use the Search button on the main Directory page, which just looks through the Directory pages.


To make the site more useful and interesting for all, we welcome participation from anyone in the Community. The Forum is certainly active but we would like more News Items and we want to ensure that all events are listed in the Events Diary. News Items have to be put on the site by the central team (just send the material to us but you can put diary entries in yourself once you are registered on the site. And, if you are responsible for one of the many organisations or businesses in R&M, then please ensure your details are up to date. Local organisations (but not businesses) can have their own webpage (many do) as well as a listing in the Directory with the ability to edit their pages themselves.


Note that the site is looked after by moderators who will take action if anything illegal or distasteful is put on the site. There is a bit more about that in our disclaimer.


The R&M Association also maintains a Facebook page ‘Radyr & Morganstown Hub’. Feel free to use that to promote events and initiate community discussion. At present, there is no automatic linkage between the sites.


Can we just repeat that this page is ‘work in progress’ and we want it to be useful? Please tell us if something is missing or is wrong. And, indeed, constructive feedback to the webteam is welcome at any time – just send us an email.