Volunteers Required

Who are we? We are a group of local volunteers, with links to local organisations. We want to help our community to be more resilient during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is our aim? To pool volunteers & resources from within our community – to support local residents, key workers and local organisations.

We all need to stay-at-home and maintain social distance. But we are also being encouraged to support one another, especially vulnerable neighbours. Already, over a quarter of our neighbours are self-isolating, for their safety and ours. Some are not online. Some have no family nearby. But they are all part of our community.

Our community’s greatest asset is our residents, who can provide local support for local people. By being a more resilient and self-supporting community, we can help each other whilst easing the strain on other organisations.

How you can get involved:

  • Household Support: The Community Council has produced ‘Coronavirus postcards’ for residents to post through their neighbour’s doors. The aim is to encourage grass-roots support on every street. The postcards are available from the Co-op, McColl’s and the Pharmacy on Station Road.
  • Wider Community Support: We want residents to register as volunteers, by using our online form (see below). When registering, volunteers can also record any skills or experience they have, which may be of value in delivering community support. Then:
    • As needs, problems and suggestions emerge from the community, we will ask volunteers with appropriate skills, services or contacts to respond.
    • We have connection with most local organisations, including the Community Council, RMA, Churches, Schools, Scouting, etc.
    • We will also be linking up with other organisations, charities and local government bodies that are able to support us.

What next? Now that we have setup our volunteer base, we have also published an email address that residents can use to contact Community (whether they are seeking help or want to suggest new support ideas) – Community-Help@radyr.org.uk

So what could R&M Community achieve:

  • We could help households that require a lot of support
  • We could provide support for the Health Centre, the Pharmacy, the Co-op and other organisations
  • We could put people of all ages in touch via a pen pal scheme
  • We could organise food parcels for the vulnerable or for key workers
  • Support and encouragement to grow your own veg
  • …. your idea here …..

Please volunteer with Radyr & Morganstown Community. Follow this link to register https://bit.ly/CymUNED and support your local community – Thank You!

If you are aware of a specific need near you that you cannot help with yourself please send us an email to Community-Help@radyr.org.uk and our volunteer coordinators will work to match volunteers to requests.