OCR Bookings

Changes to OCR Booking System

Please note that the following information regarding bookings in correct until the end of August 2019. Bookings from 1 September 2019 onwards need to be made through the new Hall Master system and will be subject to new pricing bands and amended terms and conditions. To access details from September 2019 onwards please visit the Radyr and Morganstown Community Council site


The four rooms in the Old Church Rooms:- Garth Room, Weir Room, Castle Room and Chain Room, are available for booking from the community for children’s parties, celebrations, meetings, conferences, activity groups and rehearsals for concerts, plays etc.


We have an on-line booking system which enables us to provide a calendar for event organisers to see which rooms and times are available for booking.  The existence of an unbooked session in the calendar does not guarantee that it can/will be reserved for your event.

Room Charges (per session from 5th September 2016):

Party charge is £70 (£60 for local residents) for the Garth or the Weir Room. For both rooms together the charge is £100 (£80 local residents) including the use of the kitchen facilities. The Castle Room and Chain Room, situated upstairs, are available for meetings including a small kitchen. Special rates are given regular users for the Garth and Weir Rooms. (Please contact ocrbookings@radyr.org.uk for these rates)

Facilities and Equipment Hire for meetings:

  • Digital projector
  • 35mm projector
  • Piano (Garth Room)
  • Sound equipment (Garth Room)
  • WiFi (Total building)
  • Interactive 65″ wall mounted monitor (Castle Room)

are available for hire for a notional charge to the Community.

The well equipped Kitchen is also available.(cooker, microwave, 90 set crockery, fridge, dishwasher and ample preparation area) If you need the use of the kitchen, please mention it when making your booking. The Garth Room has 80 folding chairs and 15 folding tables. The Weir Room has 40 folding chairs and the use of folding tables. The Castle Room is ideal for larger meetings or conferences with a small kitchen facility.  The Chain room is ideal for meeting for up to 15 people.


The OCR Calendar web page shows a spread-sheet of bookings for each hall one week at a time. Each Cell of the spread-sheet represents one hour creating a session. Select the relevant room using the tabs at the top of the page. The diary in the top right hand corner allows you to select future dates. A number of regular users may be booked for a number of weeks in advance.

To book a room via the internet do the following:

1. Open the OCR Calendar and find the room which you require –

  • Garth Room – Original hall, carpeted with a stage (up to 90 people)
  • Weir Room – New extension, tiled floor with link door to an enclosed garden.(up to 50 people)
  • Chain Room – Upstairs meeting room with board table and chairs. (up to 15 people)
  • Castle Room – Upstairs conference room with tables, chairs, 65″ TV monitor. (Approx 30 people Boardroom or Cabaret style and up to 40 when in Theatre Style)
    (small kitchen and toilets available to upstairs users)
  • Main Kitchen – Fully fitted with gas stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, crockery and cooking utensils for approx 90 settings, plumbed hot water boiler, double sink unit and separate handwash facilities.

Next select the date and time you require. If it is a party, allow 1 hour for setting up and 1 hour for clearing/cleaning.   If the time slot is already booked it will show the name of the organisation in the box. Otherwise it will show an empty space.

2. Send an email to ocrbookings@radyr.org.uk with your requirements. Alternatively you may make your booking by phoning David Cargill on 029 2084 2034

3. After 48 hours please return to the calendar to confirm that your booking has been accepted.

4. Ensure you familiarise yourself with our Conditions of booking

5. In the week before your event please make contact again to confirm payment details for the space and obtain the door codes and any other pertinent information.

Recurring bookings

To book a room for the same day each week, follow the steps as above, but add the number of weeks or date range(s) required to your email.

Feedback from previous users

“Thanks for everything! We had a fantastic evening and it was the perfect location”

“You have a superb community hall”