Potential Morganstown Quarry visit

Earlier this year the R&M Community Council received a number of complaints from residents who thought that blasting at the Cemex Quarry had caused vibration at their homes. They reported on how the quarry would work, in future, to ensure that disruption would be kept to a minimum.

They met with Cemex this week. They showed the R&MCC where blasting had taken place on the day people complained –  and the direction that the blast had been laid.  They then showed where the next blasting had taken place – and the direction of the blast. They explained that since the R&MCC drew their attention to residents’ concerns about the blasting, they had placed vibrographs in Morganstown to measure vibrations – and the readings were almost zero.  They offered to come and talk with the R&MCC and residents to explain how they are trying to make sure that Morganstown is not affected by their work.

They also have woods that they manage – and they are willing to organise a visit to the woods, with an expert who can explain about tree and nature management on the land owned by the quarry.

​If  you would like to meet with Cemex – or if you would like to visit the woodland that the company manages – please let the R&MCC know by contacting them here, . The meeting – and the woodland visit – would probably take place during the working day.

(Content copied from the R&MCC Website on request)