Services at Christ Church

Sunday 8.00am Holy Eucharist

This is a quiet, reflective way to begin the day, with a congregation which normally numbers about 20-30. It is a spoken service of Holy Communion, using the traditional language order of service. As such, it includes prayers, readings from the Bible, and a short reflection and comment. It culminates in an invitation to take communion, or receive a blessing, at the altar. The service lasts about 40 minutes.

Sunday 11.00am Holy Eucharist and Sunday School

This communion service has a very different atmosphere from the 8am service. The Church is at its busiest and liveliest for its main Sunday communion service. The congregation usually numbers over 100, many of whom are families, bringing their children to Sunday School.

As with the 8am service, it has prayers, readings from the Bible, and a sermon. It also culminates in an invitation to take communion, or receive a blessing, at the altar. This is a modern language service, and includes music and hymns, led by the Parish choir. We begin the service together with a hymn and prayers, before the children leave with the Sunday School. The children come back into the church at the end of the service to receive a blessing or communion, and to show the rest of the congregation, in their own inimitable way, what they have made and learned in Sunday School!

If you have young children or a baby and wish to remain together and be part of the service, you are more than welcome to do so. Don’t worry about them becoming a bit restless. As an option for you, to make it easier during those moments, there are quiet toys and books set aside in the Lady Chapel so if you wish you can still follow the service and play or read with your child.

The service lasts about 75 minutes and is followed by coffee and tea and a chance to catch up with each other. Occasionally we also hold a cake stall, Fairtrade stall or other event in the New School Room over our drinks after the service.

Sunday 6.00pm Evening Service

This is a simple spoken service with a short address and is held in the Lady Chapel. It is usually a traditional language Evening prayer, and on the fourth Sunday of the month it is a Eucharist. It is a quiet reflective time with a small group and lasts about 35 minutes.


Wednesday 9.30am Holy Eucharist

This is a simple spoken service in the Lady Chapel.