The Grand Quiz Challenge June 2009

Nothing like it had been seen in Christ Church before. On Saturday 6 June the rain poured outside, but inside Christ Church Hall the atmosphere was heating up!

Four teams made up from the Parish youth group and Sunday schools threw themselves into an afternoon of quiz questions and team challenges. They were aided and abetted by a host in a very dubious costume, and cheered on by adjudicators.

This was an experiment. No one was sure whether it would be a success. The results wowed everyone as the afternoon just took off and everyone had a ball! Cheering…laughter…mounting excitement as the competition hotted up and the scores mounted….at one point the quizmaster fell off the stage…the script went out the window.

Most memorable though was the team work and genuine gusto shown by the real stars – the teams. Red Team won in the end, but that didn’t matter as everyone had a riot. This will definitely not be the last of its kind. A further event is planned for the autumn. Watch this space!

Meanwhile enjoy the pics below as a taste of the afternoon.

Parish Grand Quiz Challenge June 2009