Helping those in need near you

Representatives of the Parish have been working with members of the R&M Community Council, the RMA and other interested parties to discuss our community response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Clearly, there is a limit to what a Community Council can do, but we all want to do what we can.

As a first step, we decided to publish postcards to help those people who are able to offer to look after their neighbours if they’re self-isolating.

The Community Council are arranging to print our Radyr and Morganstown postcards as quickly as they can – and will keep you updated on the supply and distribution through and local Social Media channels. The first small batch were ready last night (18 March 2020) and so some should now be in circulation.

We will let you know where you can pick up a supply of our cards, to distribute to your neighbours. We want to keep this very local – so we will encourage people to take no more than around 20 cards – and post them to people who live nearby. In this way, those who are self-isolating can be confident that they will be dealing with people they can trust.

A short while later, we will set up a system to enable those who haven’t received a card to let us know. We can then try to find volunteers in your area. At this point we are hoping that those who are able within our Parish community will assist further by enlarging the areas they are prepared to support.

In the meantime, the postcard is as shown below (click on it to enlarge).

If you want to crack on with this, you can visit the Community Council website to download the card, which you can print out.  The card includes instructions for use.   Bilingual and Welsh versions are avaiable on the Community Council Website.

Community Help Postcard