Are you ready to bring Change this Lent?

The Parish of Radyr is working with Water Aid through Lent. We are asking you to collect Jars of Change, a jar of loose change in support of Water Aid. These jars will then be brought to church at Easter (or collected at the schools if the children cannot attend to be brought to the services).

Give something up for Lent, donate the money you save and give mothers and daughters an equal chance to be healthy and happy.
Collecting water is usually a women’s job. In countries like Ethiopia, where 6 in 10 people are denied access to clean water, women are forced to spend hours walking to and queueing at water sources to collect water that’s often dirty.

Day in and day out the endless cycle of walking, waiting and drinking dirty water robs women of so many opportunities in life. Girls miss vital lessons in school and women lose precious time to earn an income and be with their families. Whole communities suffer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

By supporting our Jars of Change Appeal this Lent, you’ll be bringing clean water to communities for the first time – so women and girls will have the chance to stay safe, healthy, educated and financially secure.

Further details of the Charity and their Lent appeal for Jars of Change can be seen at:

Other Lent activities in the Parish

  • Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 26 February 2020, when there will be the 09:30am service plus a Sung Eucharist at 7.30pm, both in Christ Church and including imposition of Ashes.



  • Each Friday during Lent we will be meeting at Christ Church at 12 noon for 30 minutes of meditation and prayer on the theme ‘All Creation sings God’s Glory’ followed by a soup lunch for Christian Aid.





  • And each Monday we will meet at 7.00 pm at St John’s, Danescourt for a discussion group on the theme ‘The First Easter’ – an empty tomb, a missing body, four different stories. What really happened? The resurrection of the Son of God is crucial to our understanding of the Christian faith. Bring a bible and let’s do theology together.