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Golf Club Reopens

We have received this message from the Golf Club

Several local residents have enjoyed their daily exercise by walking on the Radyr Golf Club course. For the main part they have done this in a considerate manner by tidying up after their dogs and by respecting the greens and bunkers. The golf course will once again be open to golfers as from next Monday 18 May; once again golf balls will be flying around and it is vital that non golfers only walk in the golf course using the permitted footpaths. The club would like to thank those members of the public that have offered kind words in recent days and hope that you will visit us when the clubhouse is fully open.

Radyr Primary and Bryn Deri commemorate VE75

We hope everyone celebrated VE75 in the sunshine, even with the current restrictions.  Do send us some photos of the events (to and we wil publish them.

The joint choirs of Radyr Primary and Bryn Deri Schools put together a special recording of “We’ll Meet Again” for the occasion.  You can see it by following this link. Many thanks and congratulations go to Caroline from Glamorgan Music for putting it together.

Support in our Community

It has now been over a month since Community was formally launched and we have been amazed by the effort that we have seen among residents to support each other across Radyr & Morganstown.

In addition to the hyper local support that is being given as a result of our original postcards, which you can still collect from the Co-op or download to print out if you haven’t introduced yourself to your neighbours yet. We we just wanted to let you know a few of the things that the volunteer group – all of you – has achieved so far:

  • 3D printing of visors for health and care workers’ PPE
  • Knitted hearts to support community wellbeing activities
  • Coordinating and providing support to the Co-op to help with social distancing and deliveries to isolated shoppers
  • Supporting members of the community who are shieldling or having to self-isolate
  • Matching up a front line worker with free accommodation while isolating.

Community now have over 120 volunteers across the village, demonstrating the community spirit that we all know exists throughout Radyr and Morganstown.

Thank you once again for your support.

If you have not yet registered for Community but feel you could help. Follow this link to register and support your local community – Thank You!

Can Community help me?

There are 3 ways of getting in touch with Community:

  • If you have a personal need and have had one (or more) of our postcards through your door then please contact that local volunteer in the first instance using the details on the card;
  • If you have not had a postcard or can’t find it then don’t worry, you can still e-mail or phone 07513 187 930 and one of our volunteer coordinators will match you with a local volunteer;
  • If you have a larger project that you think our volunteers may be interested in assisting with, like some of those mentioned above, drop us an e-mail to and we will do what we can to assist.

If you are aware of a specific need near you that you cannot help with yourself please send us an email to and our volunteer coordinators will work to match volunteers to requests.

Photo Competition – Spring in Radyr & Morganstown

Winner - Blossom Tree

Thank you to everyone who entered our “Spring in Radyr & Morganstown” photograph competition. There was a high standard of entry across the board making it a tough decision for our judges.

Congratulation to our top 3 entries, which were:

1. Blossom Tree by Tim Lewis
2. Daffodil Delights by David Cargill
3. Forget Me Nots by Katherine Walker

We are now setting you a new challenge.  Please send us a photo of ‘how we spent the lockdown’.  As before, send your pictures to from now until 20th May and we will again select the best entries.  (Please note that any pictures must conform to the normal publication restrictions – e.g. if children are shown we need confirmation that permission has been given for the picture to be used.)

Spring in Radyr & Morganstown


Don’t forget our new challenge.  Please send us a photo of ‘how we spent the lockdown’.  Send your pictures to from now until 20th May and we will  select the best entries.  Humour wil be greatly rated.  (Please note that any pictures must conform to the normal publication restrictions – e.g. if children are shown we need confirmation that permission has been given for the picture to be used.)

Prizes of wine for the best entries!

Stay safe whilst you exercise…

Disney Comes to Radyr & Morganstown

After a number of weeks entertaining us with evening walks, Party Wales have now decided to suspend their operation.  Their statement is below.  We would like to thank them for keeping us amused in these difficult times and wish them all success in restarting their business.

There are some pictures of the Disney tour below and the walks even made the BBC News.

Party Wales Goodnight Walk

It is with deep sadness Party Wales will be suspending all future Goodnight Walks for the foreseeable future.

Due to temperatures rising daily it has become very difficult for our characters to be able to perform safely.

We want to take this opportunity to thank every Boy & Girl, Mum & Dad, old and young that took part over the past six weeks. Our characters loved every photo hung in the window, every sign that was created with magic and every cheer you gave to fill our characters with love. We hope you enjoyed the visits.

Our staff our currently undergoing training to prepare for the safe reopening of Party Wales. We are currently working around the clock to ensure we can provide a safe & clean service from June. (Further announcements will be published in due course).

We say goodbye for now and when we can get back out to you we will. The people of Radyr & Morganstown have shown that this is enjoyable by all and we will definitely be back. Until then please stay safe, be kind & stay alert.

From all of us here at Party Wales HQ

Volunteers Required

Who are we? We are a group of local volunteers, with links to local organisations. We want to help our community to be more resilient during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is our aim? To pool volunteers & resources from within our community – to support local residents, key workers and local organisations.

We all need to stay-at-home and maintain social distance. But we are also being encouraged to support one another, especially vulnerable neighbours. Already, over a quarter of our neighbours are self-isolating, for their safety and ours. Some are not online. Some have no family nearby. But they are all part of our community.

Our community’s greatest asset is our residents, who can provide local support for local people. By being a more resilient and self-supporting community, we can help each other whilst easing the strain on other organisations.

How you can get involved:

  • Household Support: The Community Council has produced ‘Coronavirus postcards’ for residents to post through their neighbour’s doors. The aim is to encourage grass-roots support on every street. The postcards are available from the Co-op, McColl’s and the Pharmacy on Station Road.
  • Wider Community Support: We want residents to register as volunteers, by using our online form (see below). When registering, volunteers can also record any skills or experience they have, which may be of value in delivering community support. Then:
    • As needs, problems and suggestions emerge from the community, we will ask volunteers with appropriate skills, services or contacts to respond.
    • We have connection with most local organisations, including the Community Council, RMA, Churches, Schools, Scouting, etc.
    • We will also be linking up with other organisations, charities and local government bodies that are able to support us.

What next? Now that we have setup our volunteer base, we have also published an email address that residents can use to contact Community (whether they are seeking help or want to suggest new support ideas) –

So what could R&M Community achieve:

  • We could help households that require a lot of support
  • We could provide support for the Health Centre, the Pharmacy, the Co-op and other organisations
  • We could put people of all ages in touch via a pen pal scheme
  • We could organise food parcels for the vulnerable or for key workers
  • Support and encouragement to grow your own veg
  • …. your idea here …..

Please volunteer with Radyr & Morganstown Community. Follow this link to register and support your local community – Thank You!

If you are aware of a specific need near you that you cannot help with yourself please send us an email to and our volunteer coordinators will work to match volunteers to requests.

Radyr Methodist Church finds new home online

Radyr Methodist Church

Radyr Methodist Church have released their new webpages at

As coronavirus has meant the suspension of meetings in a building for worship and social activities does not mean that the work of the church has stopped.

Rev. Judith was keen to speed up the production of the new website for the church to give a home online whilst the doors of the building have to stay closed.

Why not pop over and see what they are doing with their new space online.

Radyr Chain available online

Issue 247 of the Radyr Chain is now available to download.

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions the decision has been taken to release this edition electronically in advance of the paper copies as it is uncertain when/if it will be possible to circulate a hard-copy newspaper to all residents.

This edition has a number of articles specific to the current situation as well as some of the usual local updates.

Don’t forget you can still read back-issues of the Chain in our online Chain archive

Coronavirus thanks

Some local children have come up with a novel way of thanking those people who still have to work to keep everything running.

Let us know if you have any similar activities to report (contact and we will make them up into some form of picture board.  It is lovely to be able to report some good news at this time.

Neighbourhood Watch alert

Neighbourhood Watch

Latest entry 29 Mar 2020 –  Please stay alert during these interesting times.

In Aberdeen people have been cold called upon and told to self-isolate. They have then be asked if they need anything? Taking their bank cards and using this to withdraw money from bank accounts.

As a result I am keen to awareness raise around letting strangers in. Contacting legitimate organisations who can help. Age Cymru, Care & Repair, WRVS, etc.

26 March 2020

A number of #COVID19 related phishing emails have been reported to Action Fraud. These emails attempt to trick you into opening malicious attachments which could lead to fraudsters stealing your personal information, logins, passwords, or banking details.

Full details of the Radyr & Morganstown Neighbourhood watch can be found on thier pages on this website.

29 March 2020

We have had a report of an elderly female resident in Radyr being the victim of a rogue trader incident today (Sat 28th).

Two males in a white Transit van with livery on the side of ‘Tree Cutting’ or similar wording with green colouring surrounding the wording, has been to the address and removed a small amount of tiles from the roof. They have then attempted to charge a large amount of money to ‘repair’ the tiles. Luckily the female refused to part with any money and contacted her son, who quickly contacted the Police. These males are known to frequent the area and have carried out work for other residents. We ask that at this time, whereby we have a large amount of elderly people in self-isolation, neighbours are vigilant to ‘workman’ back and fore to these addresses. If you are concerned or suspicious of ‘workmen’ who are at addresses of people you believe to be vulnerable, please either check on them or if you are not happy to do so, please ring 101.

Any vehicle registrations/descriptions etc  obtained, please give to the Police.

R&M response to Coronavirus

On Sunday, 15 March, members of the R&M Community Council held an urgent meeting with the RMA and other interested parties to discuss our community response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Clearly, there is a limit to what a community council can do, but we all want to do what we can.

As a first step, we decided to publish postcards to help people look after their neighbours if they’re self-isolating.

They will print our Radyr and Morganstown postcards as quickly as they can – and will keep you updated via this website, the Community Council website, and local social media.

We will let you know where you can pick up a supply of our cards, to distribute to your neighbours. We want to keep this very local – so we will encourage people to take no more than around 20 cards – and post them to people who live nearby. In this way, those who are self-isolating can be confident that they will be dealing with people they can trust.

A short while later, we will set up a system to enable those who haven’t received a card to let us know. We can then try to find volunteers in your area.

In the meantime, the postcard is as shown below (click on it to enlarge).

If you want to crack on with this, you can follow this link to download the card, which you can print out and cut with scissors.  The card includes instructions for use.   Bilingual and Welsh versions are avaiable on the Community Council Website.

Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2020 postponed

The Festival Committee has decided, in the interest of public safety, to postpone the 2020 May Festival. Whilst we are disappointed to have to do this, it feels like the only safe decision to make at this time.

If you have already purchased tickets online for any events these will be refunded shortly.

The Festival Committee are hopeful that some community events will be able to be re-arranged later in the year once the threat from Coronavirus has passed.

We have now decided to postpone the associated prize draw.  We will run it later in the year when things have normalised.  We think this is the best way to maximise income for our nominated Charity, Tenovus Cancer Care.

Aftermath of Storm Dennis

Sticks on the weir as the Taff Floods

Last weekend, the river Taff rose and rose following storm Dennis, breaking its banks in a number of places as it passes through Radyr & Morganstown. Our nearest monitoring station at Upper Boat recorded a record river height of over 5.4m on Sunday morning compared to the previous record of 3.9m in September 2008 and a typical level of 1.4m for this time of year.

Do you have any pictures of Radyr & Morganstown after storm Dennis? Share them with us by e-mail to and we will add them to our online gallery.

The Web-Team have been made of the following service disruptions as a result of storm Dennis. If you are aware of something we haven’t mentioned please drop us an e-mail ( or a message on Facebook (RadyrAndMorganstownHub)

Royal Mail

Update from Royal Mail on Monday (17/02/2020)

Our Cardiff North West Delivery Office is closed following the flooding over the weekend.

Staff have been relocated to our Cardiff North Delivery Office, where they’ll be prioritising the delivery of all Royal Mail Special Delivery and Royal Mail Tracked items for delivery today.

The Customer Service Point at Cardiff North West Delivery Office is closed. Therefore at present, you won’t be able to collect any item of mail for which we’ve left a ‘Something for you’ card prior to the flooding, as these items will need to be recovered from our North West site. We’ll update this page with further details once we know more.

With regard to any items of mail where delivery is attempted today and a ‘Something for you’ card is left, you’ll notice the card will have details for our Cardiff North Delivery Office. This is correct and will be where any items of mail that we’ve attempted to deliver today (Monday 17 February) will be held for collection, until such time our Cardiff North West site is back in operation.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused, we hope to return services in Cardiff North West to normal as quickly as possible.

We will update this item as further information is sent to us. Royal Mail service updates can be seen directly at

Transport for Wales (Trains)

We understand that following some initial disruption train services are now able to run in both directions from Radyr and Taffs Well stations.

No services are able to operate between Pontypridd and Treherbert or Aberycynon and Aberdare. Replacement road transport will operate on these routes.

Latest information can be found at:

Advice from Natural Resources Wales

If you have been or feel you might be affected by flooding, advice is available from Natural Resources Wales on What to do before, during and after a flood.

River Taff in Flood

‘Step Back in Time’ with RMS

This week, Radyr Musical Society take to the stage in Morganstown Village Hall to bring you ‘Step Back in Time’, a musical revue celebrating over 30 years of the society’s past shows. Performed over three evenings, the event showcases popular musicals from the early days of ‘RPMG’, including Oliver, The Mikado, Jesus Christ Superstar and My Fair Lady, through the 1990s to today, with favourites from Kiss Me Kate, Hello Dolly, Pirates of Penzance, Guys and Dolls and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The Society really needs the support of the local community to be able to continue for the next 30 years… Please come and show your support – you won’t be disappointed!

Tickets for this celebration cost £10 for adults and £8 for concessions, and are available from Sue Thomas on 07544 289 434, or from

The shows start at 7.30pm on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February and again at 6.30pm on Saturday 22 February.
With licensed bar.

Objectionable Traffic Proposal

It has come to our attention that Cardiff Council are proposing to extend the weight restrictions which currently apply on Heol Isaf and part of Ty Nant Rd to the whole of Ty Nant Road. The specific proposal (Traffic Regulation Order C2508), can be viewed by following this link.

The proposal moves the starting point of the weight restriction to Ynys Bridge, which may well allow vehicles leaving the quarry to turn right legally and drive through Radyr & Morganstown – passing two schools and the health centre.  This will be extremely dangerous for school children and the elderly.  Currently, the quarry entrance is outside the restricted area so their heavy vehicles are not allowed not enter into it. With the new proposal they will be inside it there is nothing to stop them just turning right. This issue is not covered in the proposal.

We would like as many people as possible to object to this proposal by sending objections via email to .

Please note the closing date for objections is midnight on 21st February.

For more on this Traffic Proposal view the conversation on the RMHub Facebook page or through our Twitter Account @RMHub



Festival Ambassadors appointed

We are delighted to announce that, at the selection interviews on Tuesday, 11th February, Lili, Sophia, Megan and Bronwen were appointed as our team of Festival Ambassadors for the 2020 Radyr & Morganstown Festival. Many congratulations to them all.

The Inauguration Ceremony will be in Windsor Gardens on Sunday 3rd May at 2:30pm, when there will be the usual Maypole dancing as well.

The full Festival programme can be seen on the Festival website –

Community Council Election Result

At the election held on 6th January, Allan Cook was elected as the new Community Councillor for the Morganstown Ward of the Radyr & Morganstown Community Council.

Votes cast were:  Allan Cook  250; Michelle Lenton-Johnson 96.  The turnout was 18.41%

Full details of the election can be found at the offfcial website:

We congratulate Allan on his appointment.

Election to R&M Community Council

A reminder of the election to the vacant post to represent Morganstown Ward on the Radyr & Morganstown Commuity Council which is due to happen on Thursday, 6 February 2020. Polls will be open from 07.00 to 22.00 and all eligible voters should have received a polling card. Official notices relating to this election can be seen on the Cardiff Council website.

The Web Team gave the opportunity to each candidate to present a statement of up to 300 words and a photograph. Those that were returned by the deadline are presented below:

Allan Cook

I have been a resident of the Morganstown Ward for more than thirty years and would be honoured to represent the ward on the Community Council.

Although I have never been a member of the Council I have worked with them on many occasions and am still Deputy Chair of the World War One Committee which organised numerous events to commemorate the war.

I have also been a member of the Executive of the Radyr and Morganstown Association over a number of years, helping to organise the May Festival and the Christmas Tree Lighting event.

I have become increasingly concerned about the lack of democracy in the two villages and the Community Council’s seeming preference for co-opting new members as opposed to holding elections.

I am particularly concerned about three issues;

  1. In the light of Cardiff County Council’s recent statement that more than 200 deaths, in Cardiff alone, can be attributed to exhaust fumes, I am concerned about pollution levels along the Main Road through Radyr and Morganstown and would oppose any decisions that might lead to an increase in pollution.
  2. At a time when Cardiff County Council are trying to increase the use of public transport within the Cardiff area to 50% it seems short sighted to cut one of our three hourly bus services. This will impact badly on the older Morganstown residents who need the bus to get to the shops, the Health Centre and the pharmacy.
  3. I am also concerned by the Community Council’s plan to acquire Morganstown Village Hall, to sell off the land for development and to use the funds to build another facility. More houses, more pollution and more congestion on Heol Syr Lewis.

Festival Ambassador Auditions

Radyr & Morganstown Festival 2020

Auditions for the Ambassador Team for the Radyr and Morganstown May Festival 2020 will be held at the Old Church Rooms on Tuesday 11 February 2020 starting at 19.00

There is no need to book, just turn up prepared to talk briefly about yourself as a potential ambassador, explain why you think the work of Tenovus is important to Radyr and Morganstown and then there will be a short question and answer session with the panel.

This is a new and exciting role for 2020 and will replace the previous “Festival Queen” role. This is an opportunity for a team of ambassadors to undertake a year in office, starting with the May Festival, and representing the RMA and our Charity at Festival events and some charity events throughout the year. The successful team will also have the chance to contribute their ideas to the work of the Festival team. The RMA will offer training and support to the ambassadors to assist them in performing their role and making the most of this opportunity in their year of office.

Auditions are open to ALL young people in Years 5, 6 or 7 who live in the Radyr & Morganstown area, regardless of where they go to school.

Any questions? – e-mail


What is an Ambassador?

Our Festival Ambassadors will be representatives of both the RMA/Festival Organising Committee and our chosen charity (Tenovus for 2019/20).

Ambassadors will be expected to speak about the Festival and our chosen charity, encouraging others to get involved and to get stuck in with events. They might be organising games for a Guide group or judging the “Waggiest Tail” at the Dog Show. Don’t worry if this all sounds new, training and support will be given to our Ambassador Team so that they can make the most of their role.

The Festival Committee are actively seeking applications from all young people in years 5&6 regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, language preference or where they go to school.

If you have any concerns about the audition process or have specific needs to support your full participation, please contact Ian Thomas –

Will I have to wear special clothing?

The Ambassadors will each be given a sash and pin-badge to signify their official role at the Inauguration Ceremony on Sunday 3 May 2020. It is expected that the Ambassadors will dress appropriately for each occasion they attend simply adding the sash/badge to that outfit. This may mean smart dress for a more formal occasion, wellies and warm clothing another day or simply putting the sash on over their normal school uniform to deliver an Assembly.

What is the commitment?

There are approximately 10 events across the Festival Fortnight (2 to 19 May 2020) where our team of Ambassadors will be expected to attend – but it may not be the full team required for each event. We will also hold 2 training evenings before the Festival for the Ambassadors to get to know each other and start building some of the skills they will need during the year.

We are also looking to work with the Ambassadors to build a programme of other appropriate events through the year where they can represent the RMA/Festival Committee and promote the work of the chosen Charity (Tenovus). This may include preparation and delivery of school assemblies, delivering a message through fun activities at a Guides group or hosting a quiz night. This programme will be created with the appointed team (and their Parents/Carers) to work with their existing interests and commitments.

Where has this new role come from?

Whilst the ambassadors are a new and exciting role for 2020, they will replace the previous role of the Festival Queen and her attendants. This change has come as a direct result of feedback received by the RMA from young people in the community both directly and through our routine consultation and review exercise for the annual May Festival. The views expressed were clear that a change was required that was both respectful to the long tradition of Festival Queens and also updated the role making it more inclusive and more participatory for the young people involved.

In creating the new role, Pupil Voice at both Bryn Deri and Radyr Primary Schools were consulted on the potential responsibilities and naming of our new team. We look forward to the role of Ambassadors being shaped by the unique team’s interests and skills each year and as usual will be seeking feedback on all aspects of the Festival in the summer to ensure it continues to evolve and meet its aim of supporting Radyr & Morganstown as a great place to live and work.