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Christmas over Zoom

Nativity at home

Due to the current restrictions we will be gathering over Zoom for our Christmas services.

All are welcome to any of the following services, simply contact Rev. Judith by e-mail or through our Facebook Page to get the login details.

  • Christingle, 6 December at 18.00
  • Nativity Service, 20 December at 10.30
  • Bethlehem Midnight Communion, 24 December at 21.00
  • Christmas Day Service, 25 December at 10.30

More resources on Facebook

Judith has started releasing some content to help us worship remotely onto the Radyr Methodist Church Facebook page.

Why not Follow us to keep up with what is happening whilst the church doors have to be closed for Coronavirus.

Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff

The music from today's worship slot - I can only imagine by Mercy Me
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe
I Can Only Imagine is MercyMe's song. One of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard. Again, my movie editor is mean - everything came out really bright, ev...
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
Remembering VE day with a family photo
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
May the 4th be with you - prayers for today
Radyr Methodist Church, Cardiff
I know your name - Michael W. Smith
This song is for all the people who feel lost and alone

On Sunday 8th March we held our first Eco-church service involving the seven parts of Creation

Six tables were set up to show light, day and night, the earth and what it produces, wildlife and water. We had great fun and learnt in so many different ways. Then we joined together to consider the Sabbath and what it means to us. We had a fantastic time.

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