Traffic Nightmares – let's take direct action!

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    Hi Steve and Blondie, Obviously, you have worked out that I am very supportive and value this area of policy as vital to the wellbeing of our communities. I will certainly bring up funding of the meeting costs, at the next Council meeting. It will inevitably be considered retrospectively, as well as judiciously. and I will let you know the outcome. I will definitely be at the Public Meeting, as a neighbour, resident and representative. Well done in getting the ball rolling. Cheers, Kieran



    Hi Steveb, that’s great – thank you !
    I have printed off about 15o flyers today that I will walk up and down Heol Isaf with on the weekend going door to door but any additional promo on social media will be great ! It would be lovely to get as big a turnout as we can 🙂



    Thanks Kieron – I appreciate your support .. together we are stronger !



    I will be unable to attend the meeting on 9th, but for what it’s worth, have you seen

    Also, on one of the threads here someone suggested ‘billboards’ to give people pause. Many years ago a friend of mine commented what a nuisance it was that Heol Isaf wasn’t a 40mph road; because she only saw it as a route from home to work it simply didn’t occur to her that people actually lived on it, walked on the pavements, crossed the road etc. So I do think that signage which helps people to realise it’s not just their personal highway might help.



    excellent point Dragon47… that is the perception many rat runners have of Heol Isaf. Of course, in your example ‘many years ago’, other ‘through roads’ in places like Tongwynlais, Whitchurch, Fairwater etc wouldn’t have had traffic calming either and would be viewed the same by motorists. All these areas have now been changed with traffic calming which has left use extremely vulnerable to motorists looking to make up time on the one remaining section of road along their commute where they can freely speed. This has to be changed and I understand from Blondie’s flyer is the aim of this meeting on Wednesday… to claim back our street. (Well done for organinsing btw!!)

    This perception amongst motorists must be changed with engineered traffic calming. They must expect to be held up at several new ‘tabled’ crossings because people live here, they need to cross their road safely and there are 3 schools!! Motorists must expect to have tabled junctions at Drysgol rd/rectory close/woodfield av etc because people live here and they need to get off their street without risk of getting hit by a car at 40mph. They must expect that they get held up by people reversing out of their drives or groceries being delivered… because people FLIPPIN’ LIVE HERE and they have every right! Nobody treats Merthyr Road through Whitchurch or Tongwynlais in this way! It’s gone on long enough! It is what it is… a narrow village road through a very dense housing area with hundreds if not thousands of pedestrians using it daily. It’s time we demanded the council turn it back into what it is!


    Agreed – also, at Min-y-Coed and at the Heol Isaf / Bryn Derwen junction; speed is built up ascending and descending the hill between Morganstown and Radyr and it is not dissipated by the time excessive-speed vehicles reach pedestrian areas at Min-y-Coed / Maes-yr-Arwel / Graigwen / Chapel Road / Springfield Gardens / Main Road.



    and lets not forget Heol Isaf at Park Rd, where the majority of children cross. Basically no progress has been made for over a decade to protect pedestrians and residents of R&M.

    Individuals have raised it sporadically for years, but no one has listened. Now we need to stand up as a community and demand the action that we the residents and our children deserve. A safe way to walk around our village.

    Look forward to lots of ideas and positive attitudes on how we as a community can make a difference tomorrow evening is just the start.


    Deffo. Apologies, also – I should have offered to deliver leaflets to the 50 dwellings along Heol Isaf in Morganstown. See you later.



    Thank you all for your comments to date – I look forward to seeing you later this evening !




    I am hoping to get to the meeting this evening, but it depends on childcare, so apologies if I do not.

    Some information that you are probably all aware of, but just in case…

    I can get hold of the detail to support this if it is needed.

    Personally, I think the wider use of a 20mph (at least Llantrisant Road junction to Pugh’s) is preferable because it avoids the need for tables and the problems (air quality) that they may bring.

    Another thing to think about and appeal to the council with is that Llandaf village is an air quality management area – by cutting traffic coming into Llandaf through Radyr, they will have a greater chance of improving air quality in Llandaf and we get improved quality of life in Radyr.

    I think the 20splenty wheelie bin stickers could be a good way of starting to highlight the problem.

    Tink’s Mum




    OVER 80 people attended the meeting. A huge thank you to all who attended and I know many more wanted to attend but could not due to other commitments. It really sends a message that the residents have had enough and want action.

    For too long we have been divided and conquered, now we have a way of moving forward as a community.

    For me there were some huge wins and great ideas to take forward to really raise the profile of the issue.

    Big bang
    voluntary 20
    stickers for bin

    Seem like relatively inexpensive ways to highlight the issue and Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a real 20 zone from Pughs to Llantrisant Rd would be a huge improvement for the entire community.

    Caro Wild is very aware, Andrew RT Davies very aware, Neil McKevoy very aware, and Rod now seems onboard. There is a positive vibe that has been sucked away over the years…and now we have a voice that can’t be ignored because it is many.

    As a community we need to stick together. Well done. Now the hard work begins.



    Have to agree with Steve and an excellent turn out for tonight’s meeting shows that the residents of Radyr have had enough and it’s time to take action.

    Also a very well done to Blonde (didn’t catch the name sorry as slightly late) for organising the meeting and speaking passionately from the front and for all the effort clearly put it – Well down!! 👏 👏

    Look forward to hearing the next steps.


    Yes, a great start and a big thank you to Michelle and Chris. I confess to having a post-trauma panic attack come on when talking about being run over; and, I am still jittery two hours later. It was the first reaction I have had like that in a few years, so just goes to show the long term impact that road safety has on individuals, families, schools and communities. It is great that the community are getting active and looking to own our roads and their safety. Well done, everyone. Keep up the good work. 🙂



    Thank you to everyone who came tonight and / or gave their support to the initiative .. I am so excited that this seems to have ignited a spark in the community and so pleased that so many of you agreed to take further action. I will establish a Facebook group and contact you all in the next few days to discuss further plans. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and support … I was genuinely blown away (and initially a little bit daunted) by the huge turnout and I hope I came across ok as a host ! Hoping to see you all again very soon, Michelle x

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