Traffic Nightmares – let's take direct action!

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    Ok…. but this is about a 20mph speed limit on a short stretch of road!


    Yes, it should be all in perspective. It is important to stay level headed and not to March on the Squire or Laird’s house with burning torches and freshly preened pitchforks. 🙂 In my meetings with fellow residents, the core motivation is to ensure that our vulnerable neighbours (children, elderly and people with disabilities) get the same protection and provision that other parts of Cardiff already enjoy or are promised, especially as the prima facie evidence seems to be that there are excessive speeds and increased dangers on Heol Is at and Ty Nant Road. Although, there are also other areas where risks are not at an acceptable level in traffic management, such as Kings Road, Windsor Avenue, PantArwel, Bryn Derwent, to name some of them. These need attention, also, from residents, representatives and authorities, alike.



    ‘Declare’ obviously your fully entitled to your views and opinions, and I can see you don’t seem happy with how a large number of residents are protesting, however you don’t seem to offer any ideas or suggestions as to a way forwards ?

    Sounds like there will be a lot of broken wing mirrors that day then. Don’t most residents also have jobs to go to themselves in which case are they going to return at 9.30 to clear away the debris/parked cars?

    We must only hope that no emergency vehicle requires access that day then.

    Heol isaf should be 20 but like it or not it connects llantrisant road to the A470 and is legally used as such. People shouldn’t be alienated from driving along a street but instead penalised for doing so erratically. Blocking the road and potentially causing serious issues is just as reckless.

    All these points you raised have sensibly addressed in previous posts, but you come up with…

    favouring confrontational or violent methods in support of a political or social cause.

    This forum just gets more and more ridiculous

    Very helpful, well done.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally, yes, as a last measure I am happy to be confrontational over my families safety, the normal avenues of civilised discussions have been going on for some ten years, and achieved the square root of nothing much. Clearly you appear reasonably happy to live with with that position, as is your right, we simply disagree, its not rocket science !
    But putting aside our differing views on this, approx. 650 residents are not happy, by their lawful actions they achieved something at the beginning of the month, its measurable and noticed, even the police thought it well organised !

    What I would politely say though, is that if you think “This forum just gets more and more ridiculous” no one is forcing you to contribute. you clearly don’t like the forum, let alone this particular thread on the forum, so why stay around and post on a forum that by your standards is ridiculous ?



    What is the latest situation with the Council? Are they engaging in any meaningful dicsussions ie have they reacted positively to the direct action?



    Here is a facebook link to the article that Cllr Webster is putting together for the Radyr Chain.

    In it it talks of meetings arranged with the Cardiffs Transport Minister and Bellway & Redrow homes etc.



    Filmed a Hanson HGV driving down Heol Isaf at 12.15pm on my dashcam today.
    Sent a copy of the film to South Wales Police via their Operation SNAP website saying that the HGV was using the road in contravention of the weight restriction.
    Don’t suppose that it will come to anything, but felt that I had to do something.



    As ‘Tinksmum’ mentioned back in May, there is a 20splenty conference in Cardiff and hosted by Cardiff Council on the 2nd October, see link below.

    Caro Wild and many others are speaking.

    Now that date coincides almost to the day 3 months after the `R & M Big Slow Down back in July.

    I would suggest to those of us that participated in trying to get the message across on Heol Isaf on the 3rd July, that this is an ideal time to drive the message home if nothing substantial has been proposed or finalised by say 3rd September ?

    As usual with politicians the time is marching on and still nothing happens despite the residents concerns, the press, WalesOnline, took an interest and have now moved on. If nothing new has been done to slow the traffic on Heol Isaf then a ‘Big Slow Down’ on the 2nd October would be a great way of balancing the Cardiff councils public face of how it say’s it looks after the residents of R & M, with the reality of what we put up with, and who knows, might achieve in raising interest from others of influence at the conference.



    Here is a link to Radyr and Morganstown Community Council’s response to Cardiff Council’s draft scheme layout for highway improvements:

    In summary, the response states that Radyr and Morganstown Community Council:

    welcomes the proposed works
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to agree a comprehensive scheme that will make our community a better and safer place to live.
    wants to agree with Cardiff Council a timetable for delivery of the scheme within as short a time as possible.
    believes strongly that providing a limited number of improvements, making some parts of the road safe whilst leaving other parts in a dangerous condition, should not be thought of as ‘enough for now’.
    believes that the work should begin with new tabled zebra crossings at Morganstown, Min-y-Coed and Radyr Health Center – along with additional provision by Radyr Comprehensive School.
    agrees that existing zebra crossings should be tabled
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to ensure successful delivery of a 20mph zone, as an integral part of the scheme
    would like to see all crossings catering for cyclists, if possible.
    agrees that the crossing near Station Road should be upgraded to a tabled Puffin Crossing
    would support the introduction of a 20mph limit, based on best practice
    requests a tabled Pegasus Crossing near Radyr Farm Lane, to enable pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders to cross safely
    requests that thought be given to providing safe passage for motorists living east and west of Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road, as they seek to turn left and right onto those roads
    believes that a safe-cycling strategy should be developed for Radyr and Morganstown
    requests that the risks associated with the junction of De Clare Drive with King’s Road should be addressed,
    requests that a pavement should be installed along the short length of Windsor Road which does not have one at present
    requests that various options should be considered with regard to the future use of Golf Club lane
    asks that signs be erected to discourage fly tipping on Golf Club Lane.
    supports changing train ticket pricing to remove the incentive to catch trains fom Radyr rather than Taffs Well
    requests that the safety of pedestrians crossing the lower end of Drysgol Road should be considered
    requests that Cardiff Council considers measures to ensure that the propsed works do not result in drivers using other routes through Radyr and Morganstown, thus transferring risk to other sections of road.

    The response has been sent to Councillor Caro Wild (Cardiff Council’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Transport); Paul Carter (Head of Transport at Cardiff Council); Mark Drakeford AM; Kevin Brennan MP and the Welsh Government.

    Cllr Huw Onllwyn Jones

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