Traffic Nightmares – let's take direct action!

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    I trust the vehicles caught exceeding the speed limit by GoSafe were all recorded for prosecution



    No afraid not because it was speed tubes across the road rather than cameras. That is why the 81% speeding rate is so significant… it was over an entire week rather than a short snapshot that might have captured an unusually high number of speeding cars.



    John Griffiths, AM, secured a short debate on 20mph in the Senedd this evening.

    You can watch it on line on Senedd tv. It starts at 1819 and lasts for around 20minutes. I think I’ve pasted the link below

    Ken Skates responds for WG



    Just had an email response to a question I put to Cardiff Council……..

    Good Morning
    Please find copy of letter emailed to you on 16th July

    My Ref: CO /86258
    Date: 16 July 2018
    Mr XX
    Dear Mr xx

    Cm39650 – Speeding And Traffic Issues In Radyr

    Thank you for your correspondence of 7th July 2018 with your concerns regarding the traffic conditions on Heol Isaf and Main Road, and I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been experiencing.

    My officers have confirmed that the legal Traffic Regulation Orders for the 20mph speed limit outside Bryn Deri Primary School and on Park Road for Radyr Primary School have been sealed. This work has been passed to the Highways Asset Management team for implementation, they have confirmed that the road signs have been ordered and the site works are programmed to be undertaken over the school summer holiday period.

    Regarding the collision record for Main Road, and your observation that there has been a child fatality, my officers have advised me that they have examined the Police injury-record database to investigate this concern. The collision records are available for the last 19 years, and include up to December 2017, and we can confirm that there is no record of a child fatality in Radyr during this period. There was one recorded fatality on Heol Isaf in 2007, but this did not involve a child pedestrian.

    In relation to the nearby housing development, I would advise that there is provision within the planning agreement to improve the pedestrian and cycling facilities on Heol Isaf. These improvements are likely to include traffic calming measures with improved pedestrian crossing facilities, and will address some of the concerns related to traffic conditions on Heol Isaf. During the development of the traffic calming scheme, consideration will be given to introducing a 20mph speed limit on Heol Isaf in the vicinity of Radyr High School and also near the Park Road junction (for Radyr Primary School).

    Planning obligations, also known as Section 106 agreements, can be attached to planning permissions in order to make development, which would otherwise be unacceptable in planning terms, acceptable. They are used to prescribe the nature of development (for example, requiring a given portion of housing is affordable), compensate for loss or damage created by a development (for example, loss of open space) and to mitigate a development’s impact (for example, through increased public transport provision or highway improvements). Planning obligations must meet three statutory tests, namely, being necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms, directly related to the development, and fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development. The monies secured in this way can only be spent in the manner set out in the Section 106 Agreement.

    The Section 106 Agreement for outline planning permission 14/02157/MJR (Land N&S of Llantrisant Road) secured £300k for highway improvement works to Heol Isaf, with 50% to be paid to the Council prior to the occupation of the 150th dwelling and the remainder prior to occupation of the 250th dwelling. This is to be used within 5 years of the date of payment.

    The Section 106 Agreement for outline planning permission 14/02733/MJR (North West Cardiff) secured £638,625 for Heol Isaf pedestrian and cycle improvements (see schedule 13 of the s106 agreement available to view on the Council’s website), as part of a wide package of £14,331,424 for off-site highway improvement spread over 4 phases. The Heol Isaf works form part of the phase 1 works, totalling £6,892,544, a quarter of which is to be paid on occupation of 500, 750, 1000 and 1250 dwellings respectively within the Phase. This is to be used within 10 years of the date of payment. Concept drawings from the Heol Isaf proposals are set out in the Section 106 Agreement.

    I appreciate the significant level of local concern which has been expressed regarding the traffic conditions on Heol Isaf. The Council have not yet received the Section 106 funds detailed above and we are not yet therefore able to implement the permanent traffic calming measures. However, I can advise you that my officers are currently investigating whether there are some interim temporary traffic calming measures which could be introduced on Heol Isaf to address these concerns.

    I trust the above is of assistance and thank you for your enquiry.

    Yours sincerely

    Nicola Grima
    Cynllunio, Trafinidiaeth a’r Amgylchedd / Planning, Transport and Environment
    Cyngor Caerdydd / Cardiff Council

    Yl 301, Neuadd y Sir, Caerdydd, CF10 4UW
    Rm 301, County Hall, Cardiff, CF10 4UW
    Tel : 029 2087 3802
    E-bost/E-mail –

    So although we are getting (eventually) the 20mph outside Bryn Deri school, we are at the mercy of the developers funding the rest !

    I obviously sent them the link to the blindingly obvious:

    You won’t want to see my reply !



    In my humble opinion, there seems to be no rush to solve this problem, its the normal council time scales, with no sense of urgency involved.

    I suggested to the council that I needed answers, or I would simply hand it over to the Public Ombudsman for Wales, as I believe that the lack of action suggested it is being mall-administrated by the council, and that this mall-administration would lead to more accidents.

    9 days was all it took to get a written reply from a decision maker.

    If all the concerned residents feel the same way as I do, I would suggest they send a letter of disgust to the lady who replied to my question above, eventually they will find its easier to do the work required, than it is to answer 650 emails !


    Personally, I am really very saddened and upset that the respondent used an administrative technicality to ignore the death of a child in 1997.

    There are very few residents who are not aware of 2 adults and a child being run over on our crossings, of 10 serious road traffic collisions, of severe injuries, two deaths, including a child, and one coma; of cars mounting the pavement and nearly hitting pedestrians residents facing a climate of fear and intimidation with speeding vehicles hitting them with wing mirrors.

    Please, could you pass on the email address and I will happily send an email detailing these points.


    Another point, worth mentioning, is that S.106 monies were not required for traffic calming in other parts of Cardiff. If S.106 monies are an important part of the budget, then it is possible to borrow this money, as payment by developers is guaranteed. If the PBDR is a problem then the Welsh Assembly, ie. our own Mark Drakeford, should consider the issue, from the perspective of road safety and the residents’ campaign.



    I did point out that

    It is widely accepted by residents that no one can stop speeding cars, but that traffic calming of one sort or another would have helped.

    In respect of the new house building developments, you seem to put a great reliance on someone else funding, in this case S106 monies to fund the this problem, however the council has an obligation to resolve this problem irrespective of the source of funding, i.e. if the development was not going ahead, the problem would still be there for the council to solve !

    If ‘consideration’ is the best the council can give to a 20mph speed limit then shame on the council ! Radyr Comp might be the only school in Cardiff without a 20mph limit.
    The response was from:

    Nicola Grima

    and her email address is:



    It seems to me that the traffic on Heol Isaf today is a sign of things to come. It is not speeding we need to wory about it is being able to get out of Radyr!
    Bumper to bumper traffic all along Heol Isaf at 7.00pm is a disgrace. A shining example of Cardiff Council’s traffic plan!



    Same again this morning!! The only good thing is that others will reconsider using Radyr as a cut through as it is currently more akin to a car park!



    With an 81% speeding rate outside the medical centre it is both speeding and traffic we need to worry about. Personally, I’ve always take the view that we cannot demand a bypass… but residents certainly can demand to have the same basic road safety provision as EVERY OTHER AREA! Find me a school ANYWHERE in Cardiff that doesn’t have a tabled crossing outside it… we’ve got 2!

    However, You are right… today’s/yesterdays traffic is what it will be like a lot of the time as they start digging up the roundabout and installing services at Plasdwr. It will also be like it everyday when 8000 houses are built. If you care about it then I would suggest you lobby your MP/AM/Councillor and Cardiff Council themselves to consider improvement/widening of the public road (lane) that crosses Radyr Golf Club. This is only relatively cheap and easily deliverable option to improve our impending traffic ‘Radyrpocalypse’. In my view this absolutely essential as a pressure relief valve for North West Cardiff.

    Keep in mind that all that happened yesterday/today was a small hole in one side of the road with a set of traffic lights outside the comp. That is NOTHING compared to what is about to happen for the next 10 years in terms of road works. It really is about time we woke up! Golf club lane needs widening/improvements urgently. How are emergency vehicles going to get into Radyr when its going to be like this every other day? We are currently a ‘one road in/one road out’ community. We’ll need stretchers towed by bikes going up and down the taff trail at this rate!



    Good to read in the councillor’s notes that the police will ticket cars parked on the pavement by the school but does this apply to all the way down Heol Isaf or just at that point?

    Incidentally given the number of cars parked by the school it is going of course to be now difficult to navigate a way past them if they are parked legally on both sides of the road!



    The Council have no desire to solve road congestion! They want people off the roads and on to public transport.

    Widening of the golf couurse lane is simply not an option! The new houses are being build up to the boundary of the lane at the southern end so it can’t be widened there and Ffordd Las is a single lane and also can’t be widened.

    Unfortunately the development of so many houses will undoubtedly change the living experience for those living in North West Cardiff and congestion in Radyr will become a fact of life!



    Nice to think Cardiff Council is happy to see us all poisoned with fumes from engines ticking over in traffic queues.
    The only consolation I can find is the houses might be harder to sell when people realise they will not be able to take their cars of their drive.



    Oldtimer, it is an option! The houses you mention have no detailed planning permission yet… only outline. It is a different phase to what is now being built with full planning permission. Therefore the house boundaries can easily be redrawn for the sake of a metre strip (well technically they wouldn’t need redrawing… they haven’t been submitted yet). The travel plan for that phase has also not yet been submitted… the council could require the land as a contribution to that.

    Regardless of the above, compulsory purchase is always an option to the local authority for the land either north or south of golf club lane.

    You are not a golf club member perchance are you? 😉 Heaven forbid that 10 people on 1000 acres of private land should have to give up 1 metre so that thousands of people can go about their lives!

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