Traffic in Radyr

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    It took me 50 mins tonight from the Western Ave lights to Radyr, it seems all because of set of lights for road works adjacent the Comprehensive school zebra crossing. Apparently everywhere is (was) gridlocked from Cathedral Road and down into Fairwater. It looked bad in the opposite direction (towards Cardiff) along Heol Isaf too.

    Does anyone know how long the works are expected to continue as I need to plan my journey tomorrow morning?

    I fear this is just a taster of the things to come with the permanent Plasdwr lights and 6000 new houses.



    It was a burst water pipe in Heol Isaf from the cold weather. Welsh Water were trying to do a “live” mend which means they were trying to sort it out without turning the water off.

    Hopefully it will be sorted by tomorrow.

    But yes, it did give us a clear picture of the effect of just one set of traffic lights on the traffic flow. And it wasn’t good.



    Welcome to the new normal! There will be temporary traffic lights around and about that location for the next 10 years. On the plus side the rat runners will soon be persuaded to use a more suitable road for their commute.

    As I’ve said before the best hope for Radyr is a new access to the m4 from llantrisant road at junc 33.



    PACT meeting tonight were you can discuss these matters with your County Councillor and local police. OCR at 7.0pm



    Remember this? This is what happens when Heol Isaf is made single lane for a few hours in the afternoon…. traffic backed up as far as Canton. If it were the morning then the A470 would have been blocked as well.



    I am not one to usually complain however I feel that it is essential that I do so now. I have just witnessed shocking and dangerous driving. Myself and a large group of people including lots of school children were ready to cross at the zebra crossing outside Radyr Primary school at 3.37 when a female bus driver drove up the road at speed and drove over the crossing. I shouted out loud and fortunately 2 children jumped back onto the kerb. The bus did not slow down at any point. I have emailed a complaint to Cardiff bus and I lodged a complaint with the police. I am still shaking.



    A near miss is a horrible feeling. Can really shake you up. Kieran think you will no doubt want to log this.

    I have texted our PCSO and requested they examine the video evidence from Cardiff Bus.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


    Thanks, Steve. Duly done.

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