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    Since according to recent posts, I am one of the councillors who does not contribute or follow this forum, it is time to discuss the issue of whether we use our names. I have been posting on the forum as Radyr Woods but am happy to declare that I am Councillor Helen Lloyd Jones.

    Not sure how easy it would be to change our forum identities.

    Some of the posts come across as unnecessarily vindictive, unkind and often ill-informed, they could even be libelous.

    Since we are lucky enough to live in a democracy and we still have the freedom of speech, perhaps we should all be brave enough to use our own names.

    Best wishes to you all,
    Happy Easter



    What an excellent idea Helen, and thank you for your input, at least then people like me can see whats being done, (or not as the case may be) for those of us that live here, by those who are representing us.
    The use of forum names as opposed to our ordinary names often promotes people to say things they would not not normally say to a person face to face.

    I hope you did not find any of my posts “unnecessarily vindictive, unkind and often ill-informed, or libelous” as I try to keep this sort of thing factual !

    In fact I get most of my information on quotes and timelines from the councils own monthly meeting minutes on this very website, except the lack of a 20mph zone, that, I have to say, I have seen for myself nearly every day for a good few years now.

    I feel particularly vexed that our council think the timescale that it is taking for a 20mph zone is acceptable to the residents, if it was not so deadly serious it would be laughable.

    Happy Easter to you as well Helen, and for the record, my name is Neil Brock.



    I agree and think this would be a positive step. I have always shown my identity, and would not say anything here that I would not also say to someones (and have) face.

    I think it is positive that people are positive about the protection of our children and really disappointing that others do not harness that power for the good of the community, but rather try to keep these people at arms lengths or worse treat them with disdain and then ultimately ignore them under the guise of political difference when actually it is just because they do not like to be criticised (no one does I know, but the councilors own handbook says councilors should expect to be criticised – and it is obvious this will happen as people have different views). I have no idea why our local councilor has taken such a dislike to me, as ultimately why would anyone not want to protect the residents of Radyr and 20 mph zones would help achieve this. That is what I have been trying to get him to buy into, but sadly I think R&M is probably the only constituency in Cardiff with no speed restriction outside their primary schools…

    I appreciate that money is an issue, but in my view never has anyone tried to resolve this or engage the community for idea on how to resolve this. The community has recently been criticised and told they are obviously not interested on the HGV or road speed issues on Heol Isaf as only 2 people turned up at the PACT meeting (councilors newsletter) and neither of the 2 were concerned about this. Well if you do turn up for over 2 years to be told you are unreasonable to ask for road safety for our kids and then ignored – really whats the point? If we wanted real change our representatives would try to rally the relavant voices and people of Radyr to force a change. Showing your names would make it much easier to create such a movement for the good of the community.



    All very valid points Steve, especially that of constructive criticism, (as opposed to verbal abuse) and its interesting to note that Cllr McKerlich, who takes a lead in sending out newsletters and updates, and it would appear do read the forum, have not answered the actual question, but seem to hedge around it.

    Why do R & M residents have to wait so long to traffic calming measures whilst other wards do not ?

    Come on guys, its a hand full of signs and a few tins of yellow paint !
    You cannot simply accept being brushed off with the “no funding available” excuses.
    They found almost half a million to change 9 speed camera’s last month, one of which is again in Rhiwbina !!!

    I am sure others might see many more, but I can only see a couple of reasons this happens;
    1. Our case is not presented well enough to start with.
    2. Our case is ignored, or not felt a priority after representation to the strategic planning dept.
    3. That someone is always last in any list is an inevitability !

    So if it is No. 1, perhaps a change in representation is needed ?
    If it’s No.2, Then if after fair representation the case is ignored or, not felt a priority by the highways dept, then I am afraid we are back at perhaps a change in representation is needed again. However I would be prepared to accept that the highways dept. are more than capable of mismanagement themselves, in which case all the available remedies should be used by our local Cllr’s up to and including the Public Ombudsman if necessary.
    Or finally it could be No. 3, and much as I do accept that as a ward or community we have to take our turn at being last to get funding now and then, I don’t see xxx thousand homes being built in Rhiwbina, Whitchurch or Cathederal Road, I think its safe to say that as a community we have given a bit, so we are entitled to a bit in return and, a bit quicker than the current speed.


    Hi Helen, I agree that it is better to avoid anonymity on web forums. First off, there is never real anonymity and should a criminal or civil infraction occur, there is always a way of finding the perpetrator. Secondly, there is something about the quality of relationships that is enhanced by direct or -face-to-(virtual)face communication: we are all part of the same community. Given that the forum is anonymised, which as some benefits, I wouldn’t want to ‘out’ anyone, especially if they have made posts on the basis of anonymity; if people want to carry on as anonymous posters then that is fine with me. However, if anyone wanted to join as a ‘known neighbour’ then I wouldn’t be questioning ‘who’ they were / may have been in the past. On your ‘coming our of the closet’ 🙂 since becoming a Councillor I have been impressed and surprised (I did not know beforehand) with the amount of direct work and coordination that you do for the natural and lived in environment in Radyr and Morgsanstown. As Councillors, we must always be held to account, scrutinised and be listening to those people we have the privilege of representing but I think it is worth noting the actual hard work that you do on a daily basis. Cheers for now, Kieran




    I would respectfully wish to challenge your statement ‘First off, there is never real anonymity and should a criminal or civil infraction occur, there is always a way of finding the perpetrator.’.

    The Forum allows and guarantees anonymity unless there is a serious legal reason to identify the person responsible, such as slander or defamation of character, in which case the moderators would need to, and would be obliged to, identify the source of any potentially slanderous or defamatory behaviour by any contributor.

    There are times when individuals may fear harmful repercussions for the disclosures they may wish to make, and do so, understandably, under the cloak of anonymity. This is hardly the case when debating the pros and cons of actions by councils, representatives etc. However one may judge Cllr Rod McKerlich, surely he has the right to know who is personally attacking or criticising him. And I am heartened by the fact that one or two people who have issues with the councillor have disclosed their identity.

    At the end of the day (to use a well-worn, trite expression) it comes down to personal integrity and responsibility. Do we have the courage of our (political and social) convictions or not? We don’t need to go beyond anonymously putting an X on a ballot paper when we vote. But as I hope, many of us are much more socially engaged, then let us say who we are.


    Yes, Gordon, I think we are agreeing with a strong alignment of perspective. I was referring to the same principle that if the authorities or a court or a computer security specialist wanted to track a commentator down, for the reasons that you mention, then it is usually possible. I was also thinking in an abstract sense about the ‘question of anonymity’ and not commenting on the veracity or propriety of any specific comments on here. I also referred to a principle of respecting the privacy of anonymity enjoyed by contributors on here; which I also read as aligning with your perspective. Great minds … 🙂



    Anonymity on message boards is imperative to avoid abuse.


    Yes, I agree; if a message board is anonymous, then the contributor can’t be targeted, either online or in real life – this is one of the benefits. There is a mixed economy of forms and standards for message boards; those that are not anonymous are often better moderated and benefit from the clear, direct and normalised communication that ensues. One of the major problems with online communication is the impact of virtual immediacy on content and emoting. You might like to check out the work of Suler on ‘online disinhibition’ and ‘the effect on social interaction of ‘accelerated immediacy’. Obviously, you hit on a big practical plus of the Forum: closed groups are easier to manage as a ‘real identity’ group than open groups because there is less risk of targeting, trolling and stalking in real life etc.

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