Station car Park

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    Is there any time scale for completion?

    All works on the rail network are way over budget and time. Not surprising that when I go to London it’s half the price and cost if I fly. This , of course, makes no sense at all. In public sector contracts the management has been so poor for so long that the contracts are always over time and over budget. Want 200 houses built in 6 months – no problem. Want a station car park built in 6 months – no chance. When I walked past last Thursday I counted 24 workers but only 4 seemed to be doing anything!



    I agree: I have never seen anything like it…they are building a simple car park, yet it’s taken them 3 months and they still haven’t got any tarmac down. What on earth are all those people from Griffiths contractors doing. They probably billed Network Rail for a 12 month job involving 20 labourers and 5 men in suits.

    We recently needed to travel as 5 people to London, which was 5 x £117!!! In the end I rented a nice luxury car for £58, drove to London right outside where we needed to be, paid £11.50 congestion charge, £12 parking and £65 fuel and was £438 better off without factoring in the exorbitant tube charges of £4.90 per person each way.



    Couldn’t agree more, you can tell it hasn’t been properly managed. The lack of progress given all this time is staggering.

    Who is accountable for this, can the Councillor apply some pressure?



    They do still seem to be a long way off completion.
    What was the original date?



    The Radyr station improvements were due to be finished in March 2015! When I last emailed them about 6 months ago, they said ‘the improvements were slightly behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances’



    Looks like it’s nearly ready. Ow – tarmac & lights in place



    Does anyone know if the car park is open to use ? It looks to be 99% complete. When I went past there didn’t appear to be anything to stop you driving in and parking up. Not like the “Improvements” at the station. Typically it appears to be one man in a hole leaning on his shovel while five men stand around the hole watching him !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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