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    Anything planned for the old Spar on the high street



    Rumour I heard was a Subway.

    Hope its not a Subway or anyother take away, charity shop, betting shop, coffee shop, hairdressers or any of the usual staples.

    I’d want it to be an independent bar/bistro.


    Hello Boris! That would be a rather incongruous and anomalous option lol. What was the source of your info? I think we should encourage the Radyr Tap to move over to the premises, rather than have a Subway. Blimey O-Riley. (personal Comment) Cheers, Kieran



    What would be wrong with having a subway or even better a takeaway that can serve the ever increased population of Radyr? Can’t understand those that still want Radyr to be a small, quiet little village. Times move on!!!


    Just to clarify any inference, intended or otherwise, of nostalgic conservation, on my part: an independent good quality take away is fine with me … I am not a fan of Subway for all sorts of economic, health and social reasons … just my point of view. Call me a snob, if you like. 😉



    I doubt it would be a Subway on its own… it’s too big. Maybe shoehorned inside another business (Subway’s sometimes are). It’s big (long) for a takeaway too. I’m surprised Co’op aren’t expanding to be honest.



    I hope it’s not another independent bar/bistro, I’d much prefer some sort of takeaway.

    Whilst on the subject of planning why have people objected to the barbers in Castle View?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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