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    Anything planned for the old Spar on the high street



    Rumour I heard was a Subway.

    Hope its not a Subway or anyother take away, charity shop, betting shop, coffee shop, hairdressers or any of the usual staples.

    I’d want it to be an independent bar/bistro.


    Hello Boris! That would be a rather incongruous and anomalous option lol. What was the source of your info? I think we should encourage the Radyr Tap to move over to the premises, rather than have a Subway. Blimey O-Riley. (personal Comment) Cheers, Kieran



    What would be wrong with having a subway or even better a takeaway that can serve the ever increased population of Radyr? Can’t understand those that still want Radyr to be a small, quiet little village. Times move on!!!


    Just to clarify any inference, intended or otherwise, of nostalgic conservation, on my part: an independent good quality take away is fine with me … I am not a fan of Subway for all sorts of economic, health and social reasons … just my point of view. Call me a snob, if you like. 😉



    I doubt it would be a Subway on its own… it’s too big. Maybe shoehorned inside another business (Subway’s sometimes are). It’s big (long) for a takeaway too. I’m surprised Co’op aren’t expanding to be honest.



    I hope it’s not another independent bar/bistro, I’d much prefer some sort of takeaway.

    Whilst on the subject of planning why have people objected to the barbers in Castle View?



    Duty whispers are Juboraj Indian resturant are in planning talks to take over.

    Fingers crossed


    That would be a good addition, as they have a good reputation. Although, I prefer the Mint and Mustard and the Empire and the Cinnamon Tree in Pontcanna is great, also. They are all second best to spending the time and cooking your own. 🙂



    Any Indian restaurant would be very welcome indeed… shame the radyr tap couldn’t move over and open 7 evenings a week with a few bar meals added into the mix



    As long as its not another Co-op.



    I have heard a number of rumours:
    1) the Co-op extending in to the Spar
    2) Michael Graham Young moving into the Spar and Cichetti extending into the current MGY space
    3) The Juboraj from Rhiwbina setting up an Indian restaurant
    3) A funeral home
    4) Orchard from Park Road moving into the Spar
    5) Plasdwr setting up an office to provide sales/letting advice.

    Any views/preferences?

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