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    Mark Paske

    Is the spar closing down? I see most of the shelves are empty.
    Rumours are the spar is closing for good.
    If so, a sad end to a family business.


    Post removed at the request of the author.


    Post removed at the request of the author.



    Unfortunately the Rumours are true Mark, we will have to close for good shortly. We have been a family business here for the last 26 years and will be so sad to leave Radyr after all this time. We will really miss the place and will miss our loyal customers who have supported us for many years.

    Thanks Steve



    Inevitable as soon as the Co-Op landed but I do not feel the Spar was good enough when it held a captive audience of hundreds of people on its doorstep.

    I wonder what will go there instead; a betting shop, a charity shop, a restaurant, a bar, an artisan/fancy goods shop…………?


    To be fair to the Butlers, I think they did quite a lot to try to meet the demands of the new population.

    However, I think the Spar brand has difficulties whereas the Coop brand has marketing, commercial and logistical strengths.

    You didn’t mention, on purposes for effect I guess, the obvious ‘Coop expansion’or ‘Tesco Express as new tenants … I bet the Radyr Tap wished they had that space!



    Before you all start wishing for a Co-op expansion or another big chain taking over the premises, just remember a family and all their local staff who have lost their jobs.


    Hi Steve, yes, it is a really sad event and not good in the long run. I was with your longest standing full-time staff member, in the Ty Nant on Sunday, and I was really pleased to hear that she has secured another job. My regrets at it all and thanks for your service and best wishes for you and all the family. Kieran



    Hi Kieran

    I was there too for the quiz lol! Didn’t spot you. Yes that is good news she has found a job, I just hope that all my other members of staff find jobs quickly. Thank you for your best wishes Kieran, Maybe see you down the Ty Nant sometime then lol! Thanks Steve



    I had not thought of a co-op extension or another supermarket to compete – either would be horrendous.

    Maybe another pub indie or chain will be interested – Radyr has a huge adult population.

    Hope its an independent eatery.

    Incidentally on the Spar brand versus a bigger organisation; no one has tried to take on the Spar in Llandaff to my knowledge. They must be doing something different then?



    The Spar in Llandaff Boris is owed by Blakemores, these are our wholesaler for Spar. They run that store as a company owned store unlike us as one family franchise. They had hot food and a daily deli and news in that store which we could not fund to get in unfortunately. I have been told that Co-op may be taken over the old nat west there too.



    I have been looking for a property for a restaurant in Radyr for some time, this could be the ideal venue, so just keeping an eye on if and when the property is marketed! It’s sad to have lost the Spar but replacing it with something independent as opposed to a chain should be encouraged.


    Completely personal post:

    Thanks sparscb – if Tesco Extra or Sainsbury/Morrisons came in, even the Coop could not compete!

    I completely agree that the scale of the task for a family Spar franchise to compete with Coop was highly challenging, given their branding, stamps and overall footprint.

    Ciarhan – what food are you into? As a personal comment, one of the biggest challenges for an expansion of the hospitality sector on Station Road is ‘parking’.

    You should consider this in any business plan or planning application … a personal comment rather than anything linked to the planning process! 🙂





    Local independent business would be very welcome in Station Rd.

    Car Parking issues? Nope – there’s a very large free car park just a few mins walk from Station Rd.

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