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    Ty Nant Road / Heol Isaf 1945

    The Radyr and Morganstown Community Council unanimously agreed to my proposal to set up a Road Safety Advisory Committee.

    The Subcommittee, its terms of reference, work tasks and membership are being formed and it will meet early in September.

    The Committee will be looking to work together with all stakeholders to improve road safety throughout Radyr and Morganstown.

    The Committee will be inviting members of the public as members and contributors, so watch for an announcement.

    In the meantime, I include a short post by one of the Residents’ Road Safety Steering Group, which suggests a historical reason for the current problems.

    “The root cause of our road safety issues is that the road is physically too narrow for what it’s being asked to do.

    This photo is the B4262 in 1945. Greater than 60% of it’s length, is flanked on one or both sides by open countryside. So in other words, it is / was a country B road.

    The houses have not got any further apart, but now with the expansion of Cardiff and the addition of the M4 & A470, it’s being swamped with unmanaged quantities, speeds and unsuitable types of traffic.”



    Any dates set up for this yet please?


    Not as yet.

    The Council agreed to my proposal in July.

    There is a meeting in September, so I will be able to feed back, very soon.




    Thank you for this, Kieran. I’m pleased that you agreed with my suggestion that the council should establish a working group to consider road safety. I was also pleased to help you by drafting the terms of reference for the group, which we then discussed and developed.

    Councillor Huw Onllwyn Jones


    Hi Huw, yes, definitely. It is always a pleasure working with you and I have appreciated and value your work in this area and your advice, also. Cheers, Kieran



    Here is a link to Radyr and Morganstown Community Council’s response to Cardiff Council’s draft scheme layout for highway improvements:


    In summary, the response states that Radyr and Morganstown Community Council:

    welcomes the proposed works
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to agree a comprehensive scheme that will make our community a better and safer place to live.
    wants to agree with Cardiff Council a timetable for delivery of the scheme within as short a time as possible.
    believes strongly that providing a limited number of improvements, making some parts of the road safe whilst leaving other parts in a dangerous condition, should not be thought of as ‘enough for now’.
    believes that the work should begin with new tabled zebra crossings at Morganstown, Min-y-Coed and Radyr Health Center – along with additional provision by Radyr Comprehensive School.
    agrees that existing zebra crossings should be tabled
    wants to work with Cardiff Council to ensure successful delivery of a 20mph zone, as an integral part of the scheme
    would like to see all crossings catering for cyclists, if possible.
    agrees that the crossing near Station Road should be upgraded to a tabled Puffin Crossing
    would support the introduction of a 20mph limit, based on best practice
    requests a tabled Pegasus Crossing near Radyr Farm Lane, to enable pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders to cross safely
    requests that thought be given to providing safe passage for motorists living east and west of Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road, as they seek to turn left and right onto those roads
    believes that a safe-cycling strategy should be developed for Radyr and Morganstown
    requests that the risks associated with the junction of De Clare Drive with King’s Road should be addressed,
    requests that a pavement should be installed along the short length of Windsor Road which does not have one at present
    requests that various options should be considered with regard to the future use of Golf Club lane
    asks that signs be erected to discourage fly tipping on Golf Club Lane.
    supports changing train ticket pricing to remove the incentive to catch trains fom Radyr rather than Taffs Well
    requests that the safety of pedestrians crossing the lower end of Drysgol Road should be considered
    requests that Cardiff Council considers measures to ensure that the propsed works do not result in drivers using other routes through Radyr and Morganstown, thus transferring risk to other sections of road.

    The response has been sent to Councillor Caro Wild (Cardiff Council’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Transport); Paul Carter (Head of Transport at Cardiff Council); Mark Drakeford AM; Kevin Brennan MP and the Welsh Government.

    Cllr Huw Onllwyn Jones

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