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    Afternoon all. Its a bit of an angry comment really about the above which I observe from a distance.



    We all get angry about perceived dangerous driving but I agree that the way this has been expressed is completely out of order. The person who posted this of the community Facebook page is its administrator and seems to think it is acceptable to vent her anger in a totally inappropriate manner as she did about the 20 Ole ty campaign. I would suggest she tajes a breath before further posting



    Sorry – 20 Plenty!



    For clarification purposes, we would like to state that the referred-to Facebook page is not the R&M Hub, which is the R&M Association’s page. It also has no link to this website either.



    Awful – I saw all the saga on that page today, just the same as the day the residents all double parked on Heol Isaf for 20Plenty. I’m sure it was the same person then as it was today plus 2 more who always seem to comment for each other…
    Also, if I am correct, I’m pretty positive that same person had a huge outburst on the Facebook page on the slow down day as a photo of her car had been uploaded onto Facebook whilst she was pulling down 20’s plenty signs from houses near the schoool! Which lead to her threatening legal action on the FB post over her own personal data being breached…
    The Facebook page shouldn’t be allowed to be active with an administrator as angry, argumentative and controversial as that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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