Plasdwr/LDP: infrastructure solutions for Radyr

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    Ok So we all knew it was happening…. but now its happening.

    What are the potential solutions to ease pressure on Radyr? The developers have proposed that Heol Isaf be made more pedestrian friendly (more crossings, safer, traffic calming/20mph zone etc) so it’s literally just a case of Cardiff council billing them for these proposals via a section 106 agreement. In that respect, there could actually be improvements for Radyr initially.

    However, no matter what happens with the metro (which could alleviate traffic through Llandaff), all those from Plasdwr who want to access the M4 eastwards and the A470 will not be using public transport and therefore will need to travel by car through Radyr. This may work for a while, but not as more of the proposed 6000 houses are built. The lack of any viable alternative route (should Heol Isaf be obstructed at any time) is not sustainable. Therefore solutions need to be raised early and the council lobbied at every opportunity.

    The solution has to involve one of the following:
    – an additional route linking Plasdwr with the A470 at Morganstown. This is tricky due to the alignment of the M4 but the obvious and easy amendment would be to upgrade the lane that crosses the golf course and joins Llantrisant road to Bryn Derwyn. It is already within the footprint of Plasdwr and to be honest, as Heol Isaf becomes more congested people are going to start using it anyway. Of course the Golf course will be up in arms about it but if they’re happy to host Redrow sales events then I suppose what goes around comes around. If we can tolerate 6000 houses and the loss of hectares of ancient woodland then we can tolerate the widening of a road crossing a golf course I’m sure.

    – Access to the M4 junction 33 via Llantrisant road. It’s already proposed but restricted to park and ride at present as part of the ‘Junction 33’ housing development (Plasdwr isn’t even all of the housing proposed for Llantrisant rd in case you weren’t aware). This needs to now happen…. it’s inevitable as far as I can see.



    Those living in “Upper Plasdwr” ( near to St Fagans ) will probably either cut through Pentyrch to Gwaelod to Ynys Bridge or use Jct33, whilst those in “Lower Plasdwr” will inevitably use Radyr to get to coryton.

    The use of Golf Course lane sounds like a valid option.

    Both routes could be improved.



    As OP mentions Junc 33 access is only for buses – no cars allowed.

    I would urge everyone to watch the planning meeting from Wed 15th on the council website. The comments from the planning committee are alarming. Some of them didn’t attend the site visit, one as it clashed with another committee meeting … whats more important than the biggest development in Cardiff!

    One of them compares this development from those 90 years ago!



    Yes only for buses…. but that’s not difficult to change. Cardiff will come under immense criticism from RCT for dumping Plasdwr and Junc 33 development traffic issues on RCT at Groesfaen/Junc 34. They’ll have no choice eventually I suspect.

    Also, I still don’t understand why a new junction to the bay link road (A4232) north of St Fagans has not been proposed for Plasdwr. It’s literally right there next to it! Surely they cant expect all those who want to access Culverhouse cross from Plasdwr to go through St Fagans and its level crossing?!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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