Planning proposal for 'the plot' in Radyr Sidings

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    Hi all

    Taff Housing Association is looking to submit a planning application to build a mix of 1-2 bedroom flats and 3-bedroom houses on ‘the plot’ – the vacant area of land next at the end of the green space (just beyond the playground).

    They will be holding a “public information event” on Wednesday 25 October, from 3pm to 8pm, at the Castle Room, Christ Church New Schoolrooms, Heol Isaf (next to the church) at people can ask any questions they may have.

    A copy of the flyer they hand delivered to houses in the area surrounding the plot today is available at



    Don’t forget the public information event takes place tomorrow – it is so important for all residents of Radyr and morganston to have a say in this new potential build as it will obviously have an impact on the community for things such as more pressure for school admissions when there already isn’t enough places to go around,,as well as other things such as extra traffic etc. Especially with it being approx 30+ new homes being built smack bang in the middle of The Sidings….



    I despair at the volume of traffic as it is…………it is getting worse and worse.

    Also some homeowners are having works done to their properties in Radyr which means a large number of builders vans parked wherever they please casing disruption.



    The traffic has become a nightmare, as you said this morning at the top of Heol Isaf near the Comp there was a van on one side of the road and a car on the other which meant only one car could pass which led to a lengthy queue!
    Also on The Sidings the parking I s dreadful and some people drive far to fast!



    Just wondering what people thought about the public information session? Do you feel existing home owners will be disadvantaged by the proposal? Did they say how many and who would be living in the properties etc?



    The traffic argument is a fair one but seems irrelevant in comparison the Plasdwr development.

    Also, yes lorries making deliveries can be a pain and cause queues but ppl are entitled to have building materials delivered if doing work on their house. To be honest I feel pleased when I see half the road blocked… it slows down the speeding and reminds drivers using Heol Isaf that it is a community village road not a rat run for commuters. I think it’s time Cardiff planners realised the same thing… they can’t rely on Heol Isaf for Plasdwr because it’s at capacity already.



    cwat1 – I thought the public info event was a positive in so far as its given the residents of the sidings the determination to throw everything at this proposal to try and stop it!
    The lady in charge from Taff Housing
    was point blank rude. When questioned on whether they had looked into the I,pact the build would have on our doctors surgery and the primary school, she responded with ‘I have no idea, this is a small build to us so something like that we wouldn’t be bothered to look into, it will be a case of building and moving on’
    She also told another resident that she herself wouldn’t be happy to have this but near her home! The planning guy who was there was also useless, he literally just shrugged his shoulders most of the time when asked a question.
    It’s about 31 units in total made up of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bed houses. The design is absolutely awful and doesn’t fit in with the development in the slightest.
    The councillor was present but in my own personal opinion I got the feeling he is happy with it to proceed, even though he said he would help fight it, I find that bizarre as he’s not opposed the build himself?!
    All in all a massive blow to the community.
    We as residents were assured that piece of land would only ever be built on for a care home….why have they lied and why are the council not doing something about it?!
    I smell a rat a very big one!



    Thanks for the response, they sound totally unhelpful. It sounds like the local community is being given very little consideration in this decision.



    For those not already aware, the pre-application consultation for this development is now live. The draft planning application documents can be found here

    Comments need to be submitted by the 8th December (this Friday) to

    The Sidings Residents’ Association is working hard on this matter and you will find further information and steps you can take if you wish to oppose the development on the SRA page of this website here.



    Are there any updates on this?



    Hi cwat1

    The latest information is on the Sidings Residents’ Association’s (SRA) page.

    If you want to get email updates about it, you can add yourself to the SRA mailing list.

    Best rgds


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