Pentwyn Puddles

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    For several years there have been two very large puddles on the path at Pentwyn every winter.

    It has been impossible for small children going to Brynderi school and even adults to cross without getting their feet wet.

    The fence by the puddle on the corner was leaning badly and we had been advised it would be wise to take it down.

    The Community Council has been looking at options.

    The Hairdresser at Pzazz has helped by ensuring the drainpipe for the roofs of that complex now goes into the drain. Thank you Pzazz.

    Previously that water was coming onto the path.

    There is still water coming onto the path and Pentwyn park from the car park

    We have found a drain in Pentwyn Park. We hoped we could drain the puddles into the drain but it is more complicated than we expected.

    We have removed the vegetation for three reasons.
    1. We needed to take the fence down and the vegetation was holding the fence up!

    2. We needed to get into the space to view it before we decide whether we replace the fence with a fence or a wall.

    3. According to Welsh Water there is a manhole somewhere under the vegetation and it needs to be accessible.

    So for the moment we have taken the fence away and replaced it with Herras Fencing.

    We are going to put some drainage in for both the puddles to take the water off the path. We are not sure how effective this will be. We hope that it will solve the puddle problem.

    If so, that would change what we do when we replace the fence.

    We hope that the drainage system will go in before Christmas. Then we need to wait and watch. All being well, we will have a dry path. If we don’t, we know we can apply to Welsh Water to drain some water into one of their drains but the process is usually time consuming.

    The over-riding objective is to get the path dry for the children. Bit like Russian dolls, when we have reached that objective, the smallest doll, we can start making up the bigger dolls, namely the fence which may not be a fence but may be a wall!

    Hope this helps everybody understand what we are trying to do.

    For those who are unaware, the car park was apparently extended some time ago. There was a gap between where the car park ended and the Pentwyn park fence started. The edge of the car park had crumbled in a few places and this was letting the water off the carpark onto the Pentwyn path and park.

    We hope the final outcome will be better for everybody, especially for our children.



    An update for you all.

    Fence is down. Vegetation is cut back. Hadn’t realised how big an area had been taken over by the triffids.

    Sadly we haven’t found the manhole.

    So if you see Welsh Water around Pentwyn next week, you’ll know they are on a manhole hunt.



    Another update for you :- )

    We have put a soakaway into the park a little distance away from the path. We have put two drains into the path and connected the drains via a pipe to the soakaway.

    Now we just have to wait and see whether what we have done works. The path was dry this morning which is good news.

    We will be looking at options for the boundary between the park and the car park this year.

    So hopefully around February 2020 the Heras fencing will come down and a boundary will be installed.

    Best wishes to you all
    :- )

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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