Paving Repairs needed!

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    Does anyone know who manages the POS’s (public open spaces) on the Sidings development? I live on De Clare Drive and can’t help but notice how uneven the paving slabs are in the middle open space causing people to constantly trips over. Luckily no one has been seriously hurt, but worried it might happen if nothing is done. Thanks


    Hi, I don’t know but we have a Community Council Environment Committee, this week and I will happily enquire there and let you know what I find out. You will probably find an email to County Councillor Rod McKerlich quite fruitful, as he knows quite a lot about the planning permissions and management of the Sidings and will also have relevant contacts. Cheers for now, Kieran



    Thank you! I’d be very greatful if you could follow it up. I tried first port and they weren’t sure if it was council or Taylor wimpey



    This piece of land is not in the community council’s domain, we don’t own it and we don’t have a management agreement on it.

    It is our County Councillor who is best placed to answer the query.

    This is his response

    I have advised on this via monthly reports and by liaising with Sidings Residents Association. These paving stones are the responsibility of Taylor-Wimpey who will be seeking to have the remaining areas of the development adopted. I have agreed with the council officer that adoption will not occur before the paved area is brought to a proper standard and various other issues are addressed. They hope to get adoption later this year and T-W is refusing access over the roadway for construction traffic to build the 36 units.

    If you look on this web site, you will find the Sidings Residents Association. They would be pleased to welcome you, so do get in touch with them.

    Hope this helps.



    I have lived here on the Sidings almost 10 years, the site has not been ‘adopted’ by the council yet from just over the railway bridge into the Sidings, It suits Taylor Whimpey as they spend nothing much at all on maintenance, and it suits the council as they spend nothing at all ! Win win for all but the residents.

    TW currently have contractors on site digging up the roads working on the paviours and drainage in an effort to get the CC to adopt them.

    That about sums it up, TW refuse access as technically they own the roads, as the heavy construction traffic will damage them, they will wait until they are adopted by the CC and then it becomes the rate payers problems.
    Why am I not surprised !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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