Narrow streets in the Sidings

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    Just drove down Goitre Fawr (not for the first time). With residents’ cars legally parked (as they should be) on either side, it would be difficult to get a fire engine through! These roads are not wide enough for 21st Century amounts of traffic. How on earth are developers allowed to maximise the number of houses they build – and maximise profits – while minimising the width of roads? Who will be held responsible when, one day, there is a house fire with fatalities at the end of Goitre Fawr and the emergency services cannot reach the house in time. Is this going to be repeated across Plasdŵr?



    The reason given is to slow down traffic through the estate to make it safer.

    But then the developers would say that…



    Therss a few on Goetre Fawr also double park on the pavements blocking prams and children o from walking past and making them move into the road.
    All because they bought or rented a house where they couldn’t be bothered taking into consideration where their driveway or garage was situated and insist on blocking footpaths just to be bang outside their front door.
    Such thoughtful people…



    Totally agree. I live here, I use my drive and park a car legally when there is space.
    Houses all have a drive and garage and there are empty courtyards behind many houses that residents cannot be bothered to use. Sometimes I cannot park near my house at all, but see two or three cars parked from residents in the street, on pavements just to be outside their house. I even have my driveway access blocked as certain residents park outside their houses, making it impossible for me to manuvure into my drive. Bin lorrys struggle, and im sure it will take a fire engine a lot more to get through. I do think something needs to be done. It worrys me a lot that access is so bad, that one day something will happen and it will be to late.
    Pavement parking is illegal.. surely?
    Ive ranted about this before, its the residents they just park where they want with no consideration to there neighbours or pedestrians.. it wont change. Im trying to play fair and park in my drive, and use my garage, if everyone did this it would be ideal!



    Sidingsresident – Thank you for being one of just a few considerate neighbours and for considering others before yourself when it comes to the parking situation.
    I did think that it was illegal to pavement park but having reported it a few times with the local Psco’s it seems it’s not top of their priorities unfortunately.



    As far as I am aware, after advice from Cardiff Council, parking on the footway in Cardiff is not illegal. It is in London and other cities like Exeter, but unfortunately not everywhere. It is however illegal to drive partially or wholly on a footway (except for access to a property), but unless someone is caught in the act and identified as the offending driver, there’s little anyone can do about it.

    There have been attempts to introduce a pavement parking ban across England and Wales, but successive governments have seemed uninterested and have usually put the issue on the back burner. It is apparently ‘under review’ by the present government – but don’t hold your breath!

    For me the real concern is the question of civility. To force vulnerable pedestrians (wheelchair users, people with child buggies etc., the elderly, onto ANY road is surely selfish and inconsiderate at the very least. It means that an individual’s rights as car users and the rights of our cars (!) are more important than than a pedestrian’s right to use a pavement, a pavement explicitly designed exclusively for pedestrians. I think we have to consider how ‘civilised’ this society of ours really is.

    The following link might be useful for anyone feeling strongly about this problem.

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