Llantrisant Road Junction roadworks

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    There is a very brief but worrying article on page 5 of the Dec 2017 issue of the Radyr Chain about the imminent changes to the junction of Heol Isaf and Llantrisant Road, which I knew nothing about. Can someone provide more details please. Quite how installing restrictive flow traffic lights will help existing pollution in Llandaff is beyond me when they are adding cars from another 6,000 houses.

    Also, the article mentions other plans but does not say which have been agreed and which are being discussed. A cycle lane along Heol Isaf seems a brilliant idea and I shall certainly be choosing to cycle to work as soon as it is constructed and I bet all parents of Radyr Comp students will be encouraging their children to cycle to school too.



    Pollution made worse by the stupid bus lanes……..



    They are part of the whole highways improvements as part of Plasdwr development – they were approved with the planning permission for the site.

    I think there is also a roundabout at radyr comp as well.



    yes, details were submitted as part of the planning permission…. but what annoys me is that so were details of additional crossings, traffic calming and a 20 mph zone between Radyr Comp and station road but there’s been silence on those things thus far. Radyr comp and Radyr Primary must be the only 2 schools left in north Cardiff without ‘raised’ zebra crossings outside… and that’s if you can find a crossing because they’re over 600 metres apart on Heol Isaf!! Take a look along Church road outside Whitchurch secondary school… there must be about 3 raised crossings + traffic calming within 300 metres. Once again Radyr gets all the new development but none of the improvements!



    I think the appropriate reaction is ‘flabbergasted’ or is it ‘gobsmacked’?

    Like twosheds, I am at a loss to understand how phasing the flow of traffic towards Llandaff will reduce air pollution, even without the additional traffic with the Plasdwr development. Unless such a scheme is intended to discourage private car travel altogether, the same volume of traffic will still pass through Llandaff!

    As for a cycle lane along Heol Isaf, surely that would restrict and narrow even further a road that is struggling in width already. And would that mean a unidirectional cycle lane (towards the Llantrisant Road) or a lane on either side? Much of the southern end of Heol Isaf works on the convention that motorists do not park on the Radyr Comp side. Some occasionally do, and tradesmen in particular. By parking there, with a cycle lane, would they not be obstructing the cycle lane, causing cyclists to move out onto the main trafic lane, at their very considerable peril? And who would police offenders who parked or drove in that cycle lane?

    Finally, why a mini-roundabout at the Comprehensive? Surely, if Heol Isaf needs a new roundabout it is around the War Memorial, to allow greater fluidity to traffic entering and exiting Kings Road for the Sidings estate and Station car parks. It would need a sensitive solution to the War Memorial, but surely, if anywhere, a roundabout is needed there.



    I think the cycle lane was only for Radyr comp to the junction with Llantirisant rd (i.e. Plasdwr). As you say… Heol isaf in the village itself is too narrow for a cycle lane I should think. That’s why they proposed a 20mph zone to “change the character” of Heol Isaf so that the prospect of riding a bike to say the train station during rush hour was actually possible/safe… because it certainly isn’t at the moment. I wonder what other community in Cardiff would have tolerated being divided by a road that is too busy to cycle along and yet only has pedestrian crossings every 650 metres apart!! It sounds like some long overdue changes are coming. Whilst I agree they aren’t particularly well thought through, the more traffic lights/roundabouts they can add to break the (currently constant) flow of traffic, reduce speeding and dissuade people using Radyr as a rat-run the better.



    The Community Council responded to the Vectos Travel Plan pointing out all the problems mentioned in these posts Re Heol Isaf.

    We however also pointed out the networks of footpaths available which could be used for safer access to Radyr Comp.

    Many of these footpaths were old cart roads and could easily be converted into cycle ways that would be away from the traffic on Heol Isaf.

    County Councillor Rod McKerlich was offering to send the electronic link to the Vectos Travel document and to the Community Council’s response to anyone that asked for them.

    We desperately need safe cycle routes here, especially for pupils at Radyr Comp.



    I agree with Gordon entirely and have often thought that about the monument. I do sympathise with HeolIsaf who obviously lives on that road but there’s no getting away from the face that Heol Isaf is an important thoroughfare and one which I and others rely on everyday to get us to work so we can employ people, pay taxes and keep the system going.

    If you are interested the final 3 pages of this lengthy pdf show the junction and the left lane to Llandaff across what is now that green space by the lay-by. Heol Isaf is the road running upwardly from the centre of the drawings. http://cardiff.moderngov.co.uk/documents/s9142/Land%20North%20and%20South%20of%20Llantrisant%20Road%20North%20West%20Cardiff.pdf



    2sheds… totally take your point. That’s exactly what Heol Isaf is for… to get residents of Radyr and a good few others where they need to be. However, it is effectively a single lane in places and was never intended to be anything more than a road through a village. For some reason Cardiff Council and Plasdwr have it pegged as a major strategic road for developments of 8000 plus houses… for which it is totally unfit for purpose. They make this matter worse by not providing adequate public transport plans for Plasdwr. The Sidings and Clos Parc Radyr have strained it already and have led to the problems you mention at the war memorial.

    As I said, fortunately pedestrian safety improvements for Heol Isaf seem to be on the cards. As identified by Plasdwr themselves, the character of Heol Isaf needs changing. Its a road through a village, so in that respect drivers should expect it to be no different than the road through Whitchurch or Tongwynlais…. but for some reason it has historically been void of crossings and traffic calming. Changes wont affect residents because they begin/end their journeys here, but what it will do is stop aggressive rat runners treating it as an extension of the A470.



    ” I am at a loss to understand how phasing the flow of traffic towards Llandaff will reduce air pollution, ”

    The thinking is that by phasing the flow of traffic, the traffic will in fact flow, not cause congestion and cause pollution by cars standing rather than moving.

    However the argument is flawed as any traffic flow management should take account of the whole stretch through Llandaff and beyond.

    Anyway, all phasing will do in move the standing problem further up Llantrisant road, so Radyr will get extra pollution!



    I encountered a mobile traffic stop/go system by the garage at @9.10 this morning for some machinery accessing the field.

    Tip of the iceberg; it’s going to get worse.



    Copied from R&M Facebook page:

    Traffic lights in Llantrisant Road, January 2018

    Our County Cllr Rod McKerlich has been supplied with the following information:

    Monday 8th January:
    Redrow to place 2-way lights on the outbound side of Llantrisant Road between Heol Isaf junction and Clos Parc Radur. This is to remove the hedgerow and allow egress to the site. These will operate 9:30am-3:30pm.

    The disruption from Radyr into Cardiff will be limited but there may be some interaction at the roundabout outbound depending on traffic flows.

    Persimmon to place 2-way lights near the junction of Cardiff Road but towards Cardiff. This is to commence making an access for haulage of fill material into the site. These will operate 9:30am-3:30pm.

    Monday 15th January:
    Barratts to place 2-way lights on Llantrisant Road to remove hedgerow. These will operate 9:30am-3:30pm.
    The majority of disruption for the next few weeks will be off-peak movements towards Cardiff on Llantrisant Road. This will be due to the fact there will be three sets of lights. We are hoping that this will deter users from Talbot Green end coming this way and promote the use of the M4 and A4232. We will continue to monitor the flows and look at concerns raised.

    As highlighted this is only the commencement of the work and there will be the requirement for further Traffic Management to deliver the S278 Works. Once we have received this detail we will circulate but at this time we are still awaiting information to be provided on phasing of the
    delivery of the new road layouts.



    I think the lights by the garage are not mentioned in the update – these are Redrow lights between the Heol Isaf / Llantrisant Road Roundabout and the Danescourt / Fairwater Llantrisant road Roundabouts.

    Unless Redrow have got their locations wrong.

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