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    I drive along Llantrsiant Road most days and dread the day that we start to see the destruction of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us.

    Is there nothing that can be done at all to stop this disaster from happening?

    Once it’s gone…



    NO. That’s democracy for you.

    I am represented by a community councillor, county councillor, AM, MP & MEP. None of them have any effect on the decisions that I dont like.

    If I were the local generalissimo this ,of course, would not happen; but then again a lot of other things would !



    Alanradyr is spot on. The decisions inherent in the LDP were not supported by our representatives in our local ward, Cardiff West constituency and beyond. And such objections were cross-party objections. We will all have our respective, personal reactions to a Labour Council, A Labour Welsh Government, and a Conservative UK Government. We all have our respective reactions to the EU referendum. Those who voted ‘remain’ are told to shut up and accept the result, the result being the will of the people. By the same token, the LDP is the outcome of the governing party on Cardiff Council. That’s democracy! I don’t hide my politics; I’m a Labour Party activist, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything Cardiff Council say or do. And despite the Council’s decision to go ahead with this LDP, rest assured that those of us who have issues with it will try our best to make sure that it does not fall down on the guarantees, especially transport infrastructure guarantees, that it has given. Democracy is about checks and balances, and that applies within party affiliations as well as across them.



    The problem we have is that politicians always have a “get out of jail free card” to play and can blame the “previous administration” for making promises that now can’t be kept…



    I received the official notification from planning regarding Redrow Proposals.

    I was questioning whether any further evidence of archeological sites existed as this would certainly delay and alter the schedules.The ridge around the city has a number of neolithic sites such as burial mounds and wells on it and there is evidence of older structures such as the cave on Lesser Garth My daughter informs me that ground penetrating radar uncovers much detail down to a depth of 5-6m.Has this been done for the site?

    I went to through the council planning details but got lost in the detail. The question is has the archeological survey been done from current ground maps in which one mound is identified or have more modern techniques eliminated any possibilities of old sites?

    If anyone would like to make further suggestions regarding this then please do and I will submit a representation to the council planning.



    Post removed by moderators as it contained party political debating points – a discussion prohibited by our Code of Conduct.



    The Community Council has sent objections in the past and has also sent objections this time. These latest objections focused on the worries we all have for lack of infrastructure being in place. The Community Council also sent a letter re Great Crested Newts whose habitat has to be protected.

    The County Councillor will be allowed to speak at the planning meeting. Normally in a planning meeting, the County Councillor is only allowed to speak for five minutes. The Community Council requested right to speak but has not been advised that the request is granted. So a one minute precis has been drafted and the County Councillor has kindly agreed to read out it out on our behalf. He will also be pointing out other concerns that matter to us here in Radyr and Morganstown with respect to the PlasDwr Development.



    I applaud the work put into this campaign by the community council. I have also personally sent letters of objection to the council and signed petitions at every opportunity to prevent this going ahead however despite this we are faced with the reality that our voices have been ignored and Plasdwr is likely to go ahead anyway.
    Anything more that can be done will get my full support (and the support of many others that I know).



    Unfortunately a 1 minute précis, minutes before they go to a vote is too little too late.

    Iolo Williams helped in overturning the LDP in Caerphilly;


    So nothing political – he helped a residents group. It’s just a shame nothing has been organised as a group here – this isn’t just something that will impact R&M but St Fagans, Fairwater, Danescourt, Creigiau, Llandaff, Pentrebane, Pentyrch …



    I wouldn’t expect a naturalist such as Iolo Williams to agree with building on any greenfield site anywhere. And I wouldn’t expect any community which was going to be adversely affected by new development to simply be resigned to the fact. The residents of our communities have had their say, both as individual residents, and through the incredible work of our Community Council. It is worthwhile just looking at the LDP section of the R&MCC and the North West Cardiff Group, and the number of documents that have been generated in the process, not only of objecting to aspects of the relevant part of the LDP, but putting forward alternative proposals.

    We cannot tell what will now happen; I’m not too optimistic, although we should hold on to some hope that the development will be reduced or delayed. But whatever happens, it’s not the end of it. The main concern, or at least my main concern and that of most people it seems, is the services and transport infrastructual requirements for any increased residential development, and also the provision of truly affordable housing. If we have to accept the inevitability of greenfield site development – and there has to be some – then it shouldn’t simply be for the more affluent.

    If the planners do not come up with infrastructural development prior to or in tandem with residential development, then there will be ‘chaos’, and the planners will have failed. Mind you, apparently, so I understand, if the Council’s governing party should lose their overall majority in May, the whole of the Cardiff LDP will be ‘repealed’by the new incumbent and we’ll back to square one! And without a plan, if I’ve understood correctly, the Council will have much less control over random ad-hoc commercial development.




    After being present at todays meeting re the LDP, I am not too optimistic there will be any stopping the local destruction plan either. I thought Councillor Michael Michael was very abrupt, rude and bullied the meeting. It was clear the current council leaders are not interested in discussion on this matter.

    Our local councillors raised concerns around drainage, road usage, traffic and school provision and nature, amongst other things, which all seem relevant, but very much on the basis this is going to happen. I agree most people in the area are probably not opposed to development as such, but it has to be structured development, and given the current council councillors said they would not develop greenfield sites it is scandalous that they will and do not have sufficient road, school and doctor surgeries in place first.

    It is inevitable that the planners will have failed, as there is no real plan! But who will be held accountable when it does fail?…

    For me Iolo’s presence is greatly appreciated, he doesn’t need to be there and there are plenty of residents of R&M, Fairwater, Llandaff etc, who will complain in 2 years time who weren’t there. North East Cardiff needs to tell the council they do not agree with a development of this scale and the only way they can really do so is at the ballot, because as Councillor Michael showed today Cardiff council are not listening to the residents.

    we can only hope the council’s current governing party does lose their majority in May otherwise North West Cardiff will be significantly worse off.



    Hi steveb. Wow, I hadn’t realised that current Cardiff Councillors had said they would not develop greenfield sites. That’s really serious if they promised that and then reneged on their promise. If you can dig out the actual quote on that, and I’d be quite prepared to take them to task?

    I know the last LibDem/Plaid Cymru administration at County Hall had set out an LDP which involved development on brownfield sites only, but the Plan was withdrawn, as WAG inspectors argued that brownfield site only development was inadequate, and would have rejected it, had it been submitted without some use of greenfield sites.


    So, you’re saying that the current Council actually lied when they promised not to build on greenfield sites. Lies of that nature are serious and need to be investigated!



    Gordon forgive for thinking you would not want to actually look into this in any detail! I have seen your previous posts.



    PS Gordon, You were obviously at the meeting today, what did you think of Michael Michaels attitude and tone towards the gathering?



    But seen as you throw down the challenge, you need to take this up with Carwyn Jones Gordon:
    speaking at First Minister’s Questions in April 2012, Carwyn Jones pointed out the leaflet’s claim he had “announced plans to build on Cardiff’s greenfield sites” was “wholly and completely untrue”.
    Taken from an article that was in Wales online 7th Jan 2016

    That is him saying he had no plans to build on greenfield sites. If you do have access and any sway, then by all means please investigate and sort this out for the people of this community, I am sure they would be very grateful to you.

    Again I will highlight I am not affiliated with any party, but simply want a sensible outcome for the residents of North Cardiff. I am not against development, but it should be sensible & sustainable. You are obviously trying to protect your party, and I appreciate that, but I do not want to engage in party politics, but rather the matter in hand.

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