Japanese Knotweed

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    There’s a large plant of this menace next to the footbridge over the river by the station. I’m no botanist but, if its seeds land on the bridge and get picked up on someone’s shoes, doesn’t that spread it?





    The Community Council spray to contol the Japanese Knotweed in Danybryn and in Radyr Woods every year.

    The time to do this is after the plant has flowered. We expect to be spraying at the end of September.

    Doing this has kept it in check.

    Is the land by the footbridge in the Plymouth estate? Who owns it? Does anybody know?

    It would be worth writing them a letter and asking if it could be sprayed.


    Thanks, Helen.

    A great response.

    I will also raise this at the next Environment Committee.

    If we cannot isolate and contact an ‘owner/responsible person’, we could always consider spraying ourselves, if the evidence is that it is on the border and likely to cause serious damage.





    Hi @radyrwoods

    Just wondering where in the woods the knotweed is located? Is it far enough away from the railway line and Radyr Sidings?

    Selfishly asking as we live lineside to the City Line (on the Sidings) and want to make sure it’s far enough away from our house.




    Hello Ladyd

    There is only a very small patch of Japanese Knotweed in Radyr Woods It is treated every year. It is shrinking in size and has almost vanished.

    NB Radyr Woods does not extend to the other side of what sometimes looks like a little stream. So the land on the slope immediately behind the houses is not in Radyr Woods.



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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