Former Nat West Bank soon to be Co-op..

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    What do people think?

    Not required due to existing facilities?
    Will provide competition and a fresh face?
    Make parking even harder?

    I myself like the co-op, we’ve already got the garage and the shop in DC which I use on a regular basis.



    Purely for information, a new Co-op is coming, required or not. The planning application for the redevelopment of the site (which did not actually mention a Co-op) was passed by Cardiff Council some time ago despite opposition from the Association, Cllr Rod McKerlich and the Community Council, amongst others. All the concerns expressed – lack of need, problems with parking, problems with deliveries, etc – were ignored by the planners. The Co-op has now applied for a liquor license and we understand the new shop is scheduled to open in February 2017.

    Some people will think that Spar has been treated badly by the planners, but there is nothing in planning law that can stop such an application. Others will welcome a Co-op.

    All we can do is to observe what happens and hope that Station Road continues to thrive as a shopping centre.



    I am a Co-op member, but I am not at all impressed by its wanting to open a store in Station Road, next to the Spar. Already, the Spar and the Newsagents have been engaged in pretty stiff competition, with many products being sold at incredibly low prices in both stores. I do not understand planning laws enough to understand why the Council passed this one, and it may well be that they had no grounds to reject the application. Driving down prices to an exaggerated extent usually means that suppliers and staff suffer.

    I am disappointed in the Co-op. I have always believed that their business ethics and values were different from the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose etc. They already have stores in Danescourt and at the Petrol Station. We shop quite regularly in the Danescourt store, but it has never come across as thriving, so why another store a mile away? And, if they get their licence, three retailers of cheap alcohol in a row of shops?



    Spar have also opened an outlet in Rhydlafar, and have a shop in Llandaff.

    I can see why coop want to be in Radyr, but it may end up at the expense of other businesses.

    The bank site I thought was quite small, will be interesting to see what range of products they sell.

    One point on the planning application was that there is only provision for ONE staff parking spot – assuming you’ll have at least 2 staff on duty at all times [ and probably more ] that means more spaces taken up in and around the village for shoppers.



    Competition would be good – it may make the Spar (of whom I have been a fan of) sort out their stock control. Today there was neither bread nor milk in stock. Plenty of tinned goods, jars of whatever, packets of this and that but essentials
    like bread and milk not to be seen.

    This has been the case on a regular basis so I have been using the Co-op in Taffs Well a regular basis.

    The Spar management may well reply with the difficulty in controlling stock of fresh goods with minimal waste, but that is part of the business. Or they may blame Christmas. But the Co-op, managed it – plenty of bread and milk.



    I will look forward to this opening because it will save me driving all the way to the co op in taffs well and danescourt.

    I’m sorry to say it but the spar in radyr is rubbish.

    Next thing we need there is a fish and chip shop so I don’t have to drive to Whitchurch ????



    Would rather have had a butcher shop.



    I’ve just heard that the Co-op will not be competing with the Spar, due to the fact that they will in fact be replacing the Spar altogether, in addition to the former NatWest.

    This explains why the Spar are running down their stock. Very sad to see them go, but very glad we’re getting a co-op and not a Tesco.



    @ thrillington do spill the beans



    So the co-op have bought the Spar also? Will they keep the staff there? When is this happening? I do like the Co-op and tend to use the Spar only for when I have run out of milk!



    Sorry but I am the owner of the Spar and would like like to say all these rummer and gossip and total nonsense. We have no plans to sell up or sell to the Co-Op. Yes local Co-Op managers have said of their plan to drive us out but we are going to do everything to keep our shop and lively hood going. As far as people saying we are running our stock down, all I can do is apologize and say we had a few delivery issues after New Year and now building our stock levels back up. Just want to say one thing is that we have now signed up for A Costa coffee machine and a few others things in the pipeline so have no plan to leave Radyr. Thanks Steve



    Oh dear! Are we being hit by an outbreak of ‘Fake News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’ here in the leafy suburbs of Radyr?



    We get this nonsense all the time Gordon. People are coming into our shop are telling out staff that we are selling up and then we have to explain to our very worried staff that it’s just stupid untrue gossip.



    In that case, I do apologise.

    I heard it from my dear old mother, someone prone to gossip. I guess it was ‘fake news’ after all. She heard it from a usually well-informed friend, so I don’t know where it originated from. Re: the stock, I haven’t been in for a while so took the ‘running down stock’ from her, not personal experience. I’ve never had any problems. Glad to hear you’re staying strong and sorry for any confusion/offense caused.



    Thrillington, that was a gracious apology, something exceptionally rare nowadays. It is a great credit to you. In this current climate, we are all prone to getting the wrong end of the stick. Besides, there was no malice in your original post. Best wishes.

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