Dog fouling

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    To all responsible dogs who walk along Care Graig by Bryn Deri school, could you please ask your irresponsible owners not to let you foul people’s gardens? My elderly mum lives opposite the school and a lovely present has been left on the grass (yet again). How? This subject has been in the news recently with Cardiff Council bowing down to pressure to let dogs roam free on sports pitches. I pity any children and sports people in Radyr using the playing facilities.



    As a responsible dog owner I despair at the lack of respect by some owners. I have taken to carrying some chalk with me on our walks and leaving a chalk circle and pointed message whenever I see dog mess on the pavements of Morganstown hoping it might shame the culprits into picking it up. Sadly there will always be some people who think the rules don’t apply to them



    This is not necessarily about dog fouling but associated in Morganstown park there is someone with a group of pug like dogs that are often off lead and a long way away from their owner. We have a very nervous rescue dog that we are training and it causes us great difficulty when these dogs come charging over to him he is always on his lead. The owner is too far away to recall or hold her dogs while we pass so we cannot get near her to request she calls back her dogs. I know we are not the only dog owners in the area who have had problems with this. All we ask if for a little bit of understanding for those of us who have nervous dogs on lead and to ensure you can recall your dogs if they are off lead.



    I completely empathise with this. My dog can be a little tetchy on lead on his home turf. I think it is only polite to put your dog on a lead if you see other dogs on lead. I have an idea who the person with the pugs might be and I am sure he/she will not agree. It all comes down to respect.



    The Community Council intend to have another raising awareness drive re dog fouling soon. Last time, there was definitely a positive effect for quite a while. It is obviously a subject we have to keep reminding people about.

    Do please remember that in Radyr and Morganstown we have several dog walkers who pick up rubbish everyday. Do say thank you to them, if you see them picking up litter and please pick up any rubbish that you can see is safe to pick up, crisp packets, chocolate bar packets, McDonalds’ trays, coffee cups, cans of Diet Coke etc.

    Contact Cardiff Council if you suspect a pile of litter contains anything nasty.

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