Development at De Braose Close Danescourt

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    It looks like there are plans again to build 40 houses on the wooded area which links Radyr Woods to Radyr Court Road in Danescourt. This area was saved from development in 2013. Please object to this loss of green space as it is an important part of the ‘ Taff green corridoor’ for wildlife and has importance as a recreational area as it forms part of the circular walk linking Radyr to Llandaff. Objections to PMG Ltd by July 20th. The link to the application is here Thanks



    If you do comment in the link above then please remember that you also need to comment on the formal planning application (on Cardiff Council’s website) when it is brought forward in a month or so. The link above is only for the applicant’s own consultation which they now have to do as a legal requirement prior to submitting a formal application.

    Please Object to this unnecessary development even if you are a Radyr resident who never goes there. It sets a massive precedent and is the thin edge of the wedge in terms of encroachment on green spaces. This is literally no different to them building in Radyr woods!



    This development would also affect the Penrhys Pilgrimage route which is currently being recreated. It is a very old route and a very beautiful one. This development would mean that instead of people walking along the river from Llandaff which is very pleasant, entering Spooky Lane and then turning into the woods behind Danescourt which gives you the feeling of countryside, they would end up in a housing estate. Awful introduction to a walk that is designed to entice people back out into the great outdoors.

    Woodland gives us shade. Trees have a cooling effect on the local environment. They also replenish the atmosphere with oxygen. We need to keep as much urban woodland as we can,

    If you follow the link below, you’ll get info about The Well Being of Future Generations Wales Act.

    Pointing out that this development is totally against the purpose of the Well Being of Future Generations Wales Act would be a useful point to make.

    The email addess where you need to send your objections by July 20th is

    Worth sending a copy of your objection to Mark Drakeford and to the two County Councillors for Danescourt. It is probably worth copying in our County Councillor but whether he will be allowed to speak on a development outside of his area, I don’t know.


    Thanks, Helen. Will do. Opening up and maintaining these pedestrian and cycle routes are of vital importance to the wellbeing of Radyr and Morganstown residents and developing a green city.



    There is a meeting with local councillors on 17th July at 6.30pm in St Johns Church Hall, Danescourt if anyone would like to attend.



    A month on, and the developers have still not submitted an application. If you want to keep track of this possible development, please visit, where you will find the latest news, and you can also register to receive news via email. Many thanks for your support, Simon

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