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    My partner and I are in the process of buying a Redrow new build in the so called Parc Plasdwr at Radyr.
    Despite their houses are very beautiful and well designed, I found the cost of their upgrades very expensive. I would like to share my thoughts about that and maybe someone can throw some tips on how I should go with it.

    Floorings: Is it worth to pay extra on them to do the job? £690 to lay vinyl in a cloackroom, almost £2000 to lay vinyl in the lounge, £2115 in the kitchen, and so on, I would have to pay something like £9000 extra to get flooring by them. unbelievable!

    I requested quotes around some floor fitters in South Wales area, I am still waiting for their feedback but in the meantime they all recommend to have skirting out to get a better finish. I did ask Redrow to let skirting “unfitted” on completion but they are far not flexible, saying the inspection will fail if they do so. How true this affirmation can be?
    To be continued with their overpriced extras just to give you an idea:
    £1000 for an integrated wardrobe, £1790 kitchen downlights, £590 integrated SMEG dishwasher…

    Front door and garage colour, fencing in the front: It seems not possible to paint with another colour? I am buying a house and can’t do this little things neither fitting a small fence in the front. Even in De Clare Drive, a lot of houses got a small fence in the front.
    They told the council denies me to do this kind of works. Is that right?

    After all, I am thinking if the house valuation is likely to increase such that I could sell it further “covering” all extras I am paying now.

    Anyone of you could get any price drop as an incentive from them? I could get nothing on such a big purchase which is a shame, I am a first time buyer and I was expecting some kind of free extras. I am feeling disappointed…



    I’m positively gobsmacked! Is the cloakroom the size of a ballroom? It would appear they wish to mark up materials as well as charge labour…whilst I think scrimping is shortsighted I’d certainly think twice about paying that kind of money…just my opinion !



    Hello Acsobm,

    When we bought off plan, we:
    – paid for extra plugs sockets – think about where you’ll put your Christmas tree with lights 🙂
    – paid for extra TV points
    – paid for an external light
    – paid for extra kitchen cupboards.

    We did not pay for:
    – developer to fit carpets – expensive, standard options offered.
    – developer to integrate white goods – have had these previously but wanted S*ms*ng goods, not offered Electrolux.
    – upgrades to switches (look and feel) from plastic to mirror finish. So pricey.

    On reflection we would now have:
    – paid for an extra shower to be fitted
    – put in more plugs!
    – an under stairs light.

    We went to a local carpet fitter on recommendation – it’s where the cheese comes from + sounds like piccalilli:-) carpets. Just remember that paint dries lighter, and carpet lays darker than sample.

    Since moving in and living with a new build we have invested in the following:
    – a good window cleaner, who cleans doors, guttering, UPVC.
    – whole house internally re-painted
    – lawn laid to back plus patio
    – internal blinds – there is a ‘bargain’ company who specialise in ‘blinds’ Near Pontyclun.

    Good luck with it all.



    P.S. highly recommend a good removslfirmwho can cope with a building site:

    You would think? But not all removal firms can cope with working around developednts.
    Pob lwc.



    Has anyone who has bought or who is buying any info on the “management fee” and “estate charges” being talked about?

    The sales office seem to be quoting about £200 a year, but don’t know anything about whether they are capped ongoing or when they start.

    Also are the roads definitely being adopted – i presume this would have been part of the original planning permission?



    Yes, the annual charge will be £160 + £40 and I will pay it on the completion date.
    From what I can see, there is no info about the amount to be capped or whatever.

    From what I have been told the Council will be responsible for the roads, not the development or the residents.



    yes, Redrow are responsible for roads until they get adopted.

    The £160 covers Parc Plymouth and the £40 covers the wider PlasDwr development.

    It looks like the annual fees will change each year depending on outlay – so for instance if there is a spate of vandalism and the management company have to clean up, these costs get added to the following years fee and split between the owners.



    Try buying an old house and spending endless money on renovating instead.



    Re Roads and paths on new developments, it is worth noting that the roads and the paths should be made up to a good enough standard to ensure the Council will adopt them.

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