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30 January, 2019: Road Safety update from R&MCC

On 18 January 2019, a meeting was held between Radyr and Morganstown Community Council and Paul Carter, the Head of Transportation at Cardiff Council, to discuss road safety. This followed our meetings with the Council on 10 October and 8 August 2018.

In November, Radyr and Morganstown Community Council submitted its response to Cardiff Council’s proposed layout for highway improvements in Radyr and Morganstown. This included a twenty point action plan.

 This is what Cardiff Council told us this time:

  • they agreed with all of the twenty action points proposed by Radyr and Morganstown Community Council in its response, apart from one. They did not feel that significant work could be undertaken to ease passage for motorists living to the east and west of Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road as they seek to turn left and right onto those roads. The main problem would be the cost of installing, for instance, traffic lights. In the meantime, the introduction of a 20mph zone should make it easier and safer for motorists facing these manoeuvres.
  • the process for installing tabled zebra crossings at Morganstown, Min-y-Coed and Radyr Health Centre would begin in February 2019. The full process involves numerous stages (see annex A), from a topographical survey, through public consultation, to detailed design, traffic regulation orders, tendering and agreeing contracts. All of this should lead to construction starting no later than February / March 2020.
  • a similar process would be followed with regard to installing a 20mph zone for Radyr and Morganstown – although construction of this could begin no later than January 2020. Gateways for the zone wold be constructed, which would include dragon’s teeth road markings on a red road surface
  • Cardiff Council is proposing to close Golf Club Lane to traffic. The reasons for doing so include preventing more traffic using Bryn Derwen as a rat-run when traffic calming measures are installed along Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road.
  • the risks associated with the junction of De Clare Drive and King’s Road would be considered as part of future works to be undertaken at the station site (including a possible Next Bikes station and an extension of the line to Coryton).
  • Cardiff Council were considering where in R&M to instal Next Bikes stations. There could be several of these installed – and some could be electric, given the steep topography of the area.
  • Cardiff Council continues to discuss rail ticket pricing with Transport for Wales, to remove the incentive to catch trains from Radyr rather than Taffs Well.
  • Cardiff explained that South Wales Police would be working with other agencies (including Cardiff Council and the Trading Standard Agency) to monitor HGV traffic through R&M – and taking enforcement action as necessary. R&MCC agreed to check with Taff Vale Quarry whether or not signage at the exit fro the quarry advised drivers not to travel through R&M.
  • Radyr and Morganstown Community Council should continue, in future, to press for implementation of its action points


30 January, 2019: World War One Books for Local Schools

Radyr and Morganstown Community Council has presented a collection of books about World War One to the schools attended by Radyr and Morganstown schoolchildren, to mark the centenary of the end of the war. Pictured receiving their books are John Hayes, headmaster at Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr, along with the school’s head of history, Mrs Anna Foster Evans, and Jayden, one of the pupils who will benefit from having access to the books.

‘We were delighted to receive these amazing books’ said John Hayes ‘They will make a very valuable addition to the school’s library – and we are very grateful to Radyr and Morganstown Community Council for providing us with this kind gift’. ‘It is very important for our young people to learn about the first world war – and its impact on our communities and life across Wales’ added Mrs Evans, ‘These books will help us ensure that this terrible episode in our history is bought vividly to life in our history classes’.

Commenting on the gift, the council’s vice chair, Dr Huw Onllwyn Jones, said ‘We thought it was important to include our schools in the council’s work to remember this hugely significant part of our history – and we were very pleased to be able to offer these books to help with our childrens’ education’.


29 January 2019: Improvements to playground at Drovers Way

Radyr and Morganstown Community Council has been working hard to deliver improvements to the children’s playground at Drovers Way.  A partnership has been established, between the Community Council, Cardiff Council, the Clos Parc Radur Management Committee and Redrow Homes.

To date, one swing has been replaced – and over £25k earmarked for further improvements. In addition, Jamie Grundy, a local resident, is developing a crowdfunding campaign to fund the one or two, remaining, unfunded items of equipment. He has already established a twitter feed in relation to the crowd funding. You can follow this at: .  All of this will ensure that, for the first time, the playground circle will be full of equipment, rather than half empty.

Redrow Homes is also considering what work needs to be done to prevent mud and water flowing onto the site – as happens now.

Local residents will have an opportunity to view Cardiff Council’s plans for the playground, as part of Redrow’s Plasdwr drop-in session on Thursday, 7 February at the New Church Rooms (between 4pm and 7pm). Comments and suggestions will be welcomed.

Councillor Huw Onllwyn Jones said ‘We are delighted with progress to date – and hope that plenty of parents and children come to the drop in event on 7 February to give us their views on the proposed new park”.

14 January 2019: Signing the Community Council Charter

Councillor Ralph Vaughan, Chairman, signing the Charter between Cardiff Council and the six Community Councils in Cardiff, on behalf of Radyr & Morganstown Community Council. The Charter will be framed and displayed in the Old Church Rooms.

14 January 2019: Repairs at Radyr Gardens

Repairs in progress to the capping stones on the wall piers at Windsor Gardens.

8 January 2019: Planters at the Granny Park

Christmas Rose in the Granny Park planter. One of several planted by Ann Jones who lives close by. Thank you to Ann for bringing us beauty in January.

5 Dec 2018: Council meets Plasdwr Community Liaison Manager

Radyr and Morganstown Community Council met with Katie Powis, Community Liaison Manager for Plasdŵr, during the Council’s meeting on 15 November. Discussions with Katie focused on the impact of the Plasdŵr development; the timing of forthcoming works; mitigating inconvenience for the local community and more. Also discussed were the talks held between Cardiff Council, Radyr and Morganstown Community Council, and Plasdŵr about the use of Section 106 money to improve road safety along Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road. Following those discussions, Plasdŵr’s lead developer Redrow very generously offered to transfer to Cardiff Council its £300,000 Section 106 money – and to do so with immediate effect, rather than wait for the statutory trigger point for releasing the money (which would be reached only after the sale of many more houses).

Council Chair, Ralph Vaughan, said: “Thanks to this generous contribution from Plasdŵr’s lead developer Redrow – and their community-minded spirit – we have agreed with them and Cardiff Council that the early release of this money can be used to improve road safety along Heol Isaf and Ty Nant Road. We have, therefore, asked Cardiff to begin this work by installing new, tabled zebra crossings in Morganstown, Min-y-Coed and near Radyr Medical Centre – and to use any remaining money to improve road safety near Radyr Comprehensive School. We hope that Cardiff Council will agree with our proposals – which will set in motion the statutory consultation process, detailed design and tendering required in order to install the new crossings. Without this kind contribution from Plasdŵr’s lead developer Redrow, none of this would be possible.”


27 Nov 2018: Chairman’s Oak

Councillor Dr Ralph Vaughan was delighted that he could continue a recently established tradition of planting a Chairman’s Oak in Radyr Woods to celebrate National Tree Week. He had a little bit of a help from Jim Goodwin, Chair of Radyr Woods Wardens (see photo on home page).  Many people have noticed that there has been tree work in Radyr Woods this year. Trees have natural life cycles. Some in Radyr Woods had reached their sell by date according to a Tree Survey commissioned by the Community Council.  It’s important that there is also a program for planting new trees in place, and this Chairman’s Oak is part of the plan.

26 Nov 2018: Road safety response from R&MCC 

The Community Council has responded to Cardiff Council’s draft scheme layout for highway improvements in R&M.  The full R&MCC response is here.

26 Nov 2018: Planting a willow in Pentwyn Park

The Eco-group from Brynderi Primary school with their teacher Jo Vigliotta and our Chair of Radyr Woods Wardens Jim Goodwin planted a Weeping Willow in Pentwyn Park to celebrate National Tree Week today. Well done Eco-group! Here’s to it being a fun tree to hide under in twenty years time.

26 Nov 2018: Windsor Gardens railings secured

The railings in Windsor Gardens have been made secure today. Thanks to the Wrought Iron Centre. And once the weather is better, the railings will get a touch up. Coping stones also on the way and then we’ll look good again. Wild daffodils planted for the spring and the lights in the corner are to light up the path to make the Gardens more accessible all the year round.