Policy Statements


The Community Council is subject to various statutory laws and regulations as well as any others we might have adopted. Primarily, the Council operates under the Local Government Act 1972 with its subsequent amendments and our Standing Orders.

Copies of our Standing Orders and finance information can be found below.

The following policies have been adopted and are reviewed and updated as required:

Race Relations Act – The equal opportunities section of this act is the only part which really applies to Community Councils and is attached.

Code of Conduct – This is a very detailed code which applies to all Community and Parish Councils in England and Wales. All Councillors have to sign to abide by it and these declarations and the code are available for viewing by arrangement with the Clerk.

Welsh Language Act – Community Councils will all be obliged to adopt a Welsh Language Policy and this Council has pre-empted the legislation and already put one in place and is attached.

Freedom of Information Act – This Council has adopted the Model Code and this is available for viewing by arrangement with the Clerk.

Unacceptable Actions by Individuals – This Council has adopted a policy as provided by One Voice Wales.

Complaints Policy – This Council has adopted a policy as advised by One Voice Wales.

List of policy documents

R&MCC Addendum to Standing orders re Co-options Adopted September 2016


Code of Conduct for Councillors

Code of Conduct for Council Employees


Complaints Policy
Employment Monitoring
Equal Opportunities Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy Welsh
Generic Publication Scheme for FoI English
Generic Publication Scheme for FoI Welsh
Good Councillor Guide Wales (English)
R&MCC Communications Strategy
R&MCC Publication Scheme for FoI
Risk Managment
Unacceptable Behaviour Policy English
Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Welsh
Welsh language Policy Welsh
Welsh Language Policy

RMCC Stress Risk Assessment June 2016 

Guidance Notes on Completing Stress Risk Assessment 2016 

RMCC Long Term Absence Policy 2016