Policy Statements

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The Community Council is subject to various statutory laws and regulations as well as any others we may have adopted. Primarily, the Council operates under the Local Government Act 1972 with its subsequent amendments and our Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

Copies of our Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and Amendments to the Regulations can be found below.

The following policies have been adopted and are reviewed usually each May at our Annual Meeting and at other times throughout the year:

Policy Documents

Anti Bribery Fraud and Corruption Policy (June 2017)

Anti-harassment and bullying policy (June 2017)

Calendar of Tasks (April 2017)

Capability-Procedure (June 2017)

Code of Conduct (May 2017)

Disciplinary Procedure (June 2017)

Disciplinary Rules (June 2017)

Equality & Diversity (July 2017)

Model Financial Regulations (May 2017)

Amendments to Model Financial Regulations (July 2017)

Good Councillors Guide 2017 (May 2017)

Grievance Procedure (July 2017)

Model Local Resolution Protocol for Community and Town Councils (June 2017)

Pay Policy (July 2017)

Remuneration (May 2017)

R&MCC Publication Scheme for FoI

Risk Management Document November 2017

Sickness Absence Policy (July 2017)

Special Leave of Absence Policy (July 2017)

Standing Orders May 2017

Stress Management Policy (July 2017)

Welsh language Policy Welsh

Welsh Language Policy

Youth Provision Policy & Grant Financial Assistance for 2017-18