Vice Chair of Radyr and Morganstown Community Council runs a marathon in New York

Jazz hands waving! Helen Lloyd Jones, Vice Chair of Radyr and Morganstown Community Council, ran her first Marathon this November in New York. The photo shows Helen waiting to start on Staten Island. The bridge behind is Verrazzano Narrows Bridge.  It’s the longest suspension bridge in America.

The marathon goes through all five boroughs of New York. It starts on Staten Island, then over the bridge into Brooklyn. Ten miles later on, it goes into Queens, then into Manhattan, before making almost a detour into the Bronx and finally emerges in 5th Avenue where it finishes in Central Park.

Helen made this super-human effort (she admits to being over seventy!) to raise money for a charity she helped to found called Both Parents Matter. It helps parents and grandparents stay in their children and grandchildren’s lives, if the child’s parents separate.

If you’d like to sponsor her, the link is