Statement from Cllr Rod McKerlich regarding the on-going traffic chaos (updated)

Cllr Rod McKerlich

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Traffic Lights to east of junction of Heol Isaf and Llantrisant Road

Permission to operate temporary traffic lights is, rightly or wrongly, a matter where the local County Councillor has no formal voice. It is determined by a meeting of council officers, the contractor and the developer. I made several suggestions on the need to prevent the roundabout being blocked by queuing traffic coming from the west; I also questioned the hours of work, particularly as they are almost non –existent at weekends when traffic is light. I suggested doing the work in school holidays and asked for consultation with nearby residents to see if 24 hour working could minimise the duration of the work. As the scheme was approved in its current form, I pointed out that little traffic was able to exit from Heol Isaf onto the roundabout; I demanded an arrangement to control the queues from the west as these were blocking access to the roundabout. This was done and traffic movement from Heol Isaf improved.

This week the contractor stopped deploying the man who controlled traffic from the west. I was not either consulted or informed; I have informed council officers of the consequent huge delays in traffic movement and I have sent them a selection of the huge number of justified complaints I have received. I was told, unofficially, that the traffic controller was removed on grounds of safety. Since then, I have requested an alternative system to ensure that traffic coming from the west is constrained to queue west of the roundabout. I was advised that a meeting arranged for today, 14th November, would resolve matters. Failing a workable solution, I will demand that Cardiff Council revokes the permission to operate temporary lights.

I make two supplementary points:

  • It is lamentable that the local County Councillor is not formally consulted over such major traffic issues; this means that no voice is permitted to represent the local population who suffer the predictable huge delays.
  • Despite wild allegations to the contrary, I opposed the local development plan (LDP) at all stages and in every possible way; in this, support came from many local people and organisations such as R+MCC and RMA. The LDP was forced through by the ruling Labour Party in Cardiff Council, urged on by the ruling Labour Party in the Assembly.

County Councillor Rod McKerlich, 7am on Thursday 14th November

PS: As I write this, I can see traffic queuing from past the centre of Radyr aiming for the roundabout.

Since writing this message, Plasdwr have issued the follwing statement: and Paul Carter, Head of Transport for Cardiff Council, has sent Cllr McKerlich the following message:

I met with the Network Management Team  early morning regarding the road works on Llantrisant Road. As you know, the current traffic delays are entirely due to the temporary traffic lights – installed for the necessary drainage works – required on a  24/7 basis in support of your development.

The traffic management is being monitored on a daily basis and particularly during peak times. We too are naturally keen to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum and it is unfortunate that problems were exacerbated earlier today because of a broken down car. That said, and to assist, we are now proposing  a modified plan to include an additional temporary traffic control unit on Llantrisant Road – placed further back on the southbound access leg to the roundabout junction with Heol Isaf. It is considered that this will allow more opportunity for Heol Isaf traffic to the egress onto  Llantrisant Road (a.m. peak),  in a more orderly and equitable way.

We plan to test this alternative modification tomorrow morning and our respective colleagues are, as I type, putting this into action.

Hope this is of some assistance.

Best Wishes,