Rev’d Vicki Burrows talks at R&M Association Meeting

On Monday, 17th June, Vicki Burrows, who was installed as the new Vicar of the Parish of Radyr in February, spoke at a General Meeting of the R&M Association.  The theme of the talk was My journey to becoming Vicar of Radyr’Attended by over 50 members, her amusing and enthralling talk took us from her early childhood with a Jewish Father (who had married ‘outside the faith’) through her introduction to Christianity, to her ordination as a priest, and to her appointment to the position in Radyr.  There were surprising facts and great anecdotes along the path and her talk was very well received by all present.  She claimed she ‘was not very religious’, but everything she said indicated otherwise.

If you would like to read a synopsis of her talk, you can find it in the draft minutes of the meeting by following this link.

At the end of the talk, the RMA Chairman, David Silver, presented Rev’d Burrows with a rose bush to put in the newly refurbished garden of the Rectory.

The next General Meeting of the Association is on Monday, 23rd September at 7:30pm in the Old Church Rooms when the speaker will be Raymond Rivron, who will be talking about the History of Radyr Woods.  If you would like to know more about this meeting, or any other aspects of the work of the R&M Association, please contact the secretary on